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  1. cool im a 160 pound male I have been on 20mgs a day for the past month and am really happy with the results. I'm trying to decide weather or not to go up to 40 this month. I think I just mite.
  2. day 26... bodies adjusting. I had a new breakout this morning but still think my skin looks sooo much better than it did two weeks ago. once these big guys clear up (any advice to speedy healing?) i'll be all set and feel confident And remember you can do a low dose. if ur derm says it doesnt work ask him to try it. It wont work for everyone but I am a 160 pound male on 20mgs a day. IT WORKS. I am a dark skinned cacausioin with oily skin.
  3. DAY 24 not sure if any one is still reading this. but im still on 20mgs a day day 24 noticed some side affects and have a few times considered stopping. but still going 6 days till im 1/4 done with my treatment!
  4. Day Nine got a little better- now getting a little worse.
  5. DAY 7 Wow this is just a beatiful drug for acne. I have heard a lot of people say it's not effective in these doses (20mgs a day) but it has been one week and of course my skins not perfect but that initial redness has begun to die down and I am seeing some really nice improvement- especially considering the time frame! so should I stay on the low dose or go up to 40.... hmmm ss
  6. DAY FOUR I would classify my face as moderate acne. It's just sooo oily haha. I guess this makes me a good canidate for accutane! well let me tell you it has been FOUR DAYS since I started taking it and my skin looks 50% better than normal today. I am ecstatic. If it keeps going this way I will decide to just live with my scars and never have to stay inside because i'm to embarrassed to be seen again! Update: scars redmarks still there but the reduction in oiliness is evident
  7. I too am starting something like this I have 120 20mg pills trying to find the best way to split it up.
  8. So next week I am going to start tane. Let me tell you what they make it really discouraging thing to do!! Beside the side effects drs make it so hard. Not to mention most people with acne are too embarrassed to argue with their dr's about what's right and it especially sucks if you cant pay for it. Well I am getting 120 20mg pills. I have read a bit about low dose's working than it seems like everyone switches to a high dose anyways. Well i'm paying quite a bit for 140$ for 120 20mg pills but h
  9. Ok than- day 2 was quite skeptical yesterday after using, woke up quite skeptical this mourning. Happy to find three benifits after just one day of use- My pleasent reduction in redmarks A much faster turn over, a pimple I had yesterday is pretty much gone now No new pimples this morning for the first time in a week. Hopefully this product countinues work for me. I'll keep updating this.
  10. Went to the grocery store intent on getting a product with Alpha-hydroxy-acid in it, i'm a sun lover and go outside whenever the suns out without much concern for my skin. Ushally what this means for me is perfect skin in the summer than come winter time I break out. Seems like I always get girlfriends right before winter time lol. Fortunatly for me i'm in a long distance relationship, which means I can hide out this winter (i'm 17 i'm kinda hoping acne will get better next year) but I am seeing
  11. http://i157.photobucket.com/albums/t65/raw...2007/Photo9.jpg that picture was from pretty up close, so it makes my skin look really bad :( Top right corner on the left side of the picture, it might be kinda hard to see. Also, I hate editing my posts a whole bunch but I guess it's good to get it all done in one post, I have only ever had acne on one side of my face, the one you see in that picture, I have kind of messed my face up a bit from picking and products and whatnot, the other s
  12. Hi guys, How's everybody doing today? I was hoping to gain from some of ya'lls expertise today. I have a scar and i'm not sure what it is and how I can treat it... It was left over from a cyst I tried popping a couple times, I never actually took any skin away though. So it is not a depressed scar, but i'm not sure I would call it a raised scar either. It is kind of a brown triangular shapped piece of skin and the inside of it feels a bit harder than any where else on my face. I figured
  13. Ok, I emailed the local laser center about it. My internet will be gone in about four hours and I want to say thank you to everyone at acne.org for all the help and knowledge. This website truly is the best resource available.