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  1. uhhh i dont think so. keeping you're face dry will cause ur skin to secrete oils, thus causing more breakouts that is why ppl moisturize their skin, this way ur skin doesnt secrete oils because it doesnt feel the need to because it isnt dry, therefore it helps prevent breakouts besides its good to use moisturizers with spf 15 or more, b/c the sun can really deepen your red marks. also i heard that if you rinse off/soak yourself before u go into the sauna its good b/c it opens up your pores, all
  2. whats the diff between red or brown marks?? can u even tell a difference?? idk if u ask me i think they are the same, it depends on you're skin color, pigmentation etc...
  3. there are no lights in the sauna, and if there are its dim i think sauna may actually help acne, i go into my sauna all the time. this guy told me that if u go into the sauna after rinsing off in the shower, u should be able to sweat a lot of toxins out, due to your pores being opened up...
  4. so i just ordered this alpha hydrox as advertised on this site: http://www.drugstore.com/products/prod.asp...mQMNPZSRCQcgWSA and i was just wondering how i might be able to use it in my routine: morning: 1) cetaphil bar cleanse 2) dry pat face 3) benzoyl peroxide 4) lotion w/ spf 15 evening: 1) cetaphil bar cleanse via jess' exfoliation brush method 2) cucumber, melon, ginseng facial mask 3) take off mask and apply acne free medication for scars (hydroquinone based) 4) use the spf 15 moistu
  5. has anyone tried those products that Anika posted a link to?? I am curious to whether or not they work.
  6. i remember seeing a big post on this board, about how this in fact does work...but i've never tried it, it sounds a bit far fetched to me.
  7. i dunno much about those medications but i guess give it a try and see if it works.
  8. damn i've been exfoliating twice a day for the last week (only b/c i do it when i shower since its the most convenient way for me to do it)...i better slow down.. but yea DONT USE A TOOTHBRUSH IT IS WAYYYYY TOO ROUGH. you MUST get a facial brush, i had trouble finding this but i finally found it at the mall in a bath & body shop. and i guess i better put forth a good effort in scrubbing gently as well...i suck at washing my face gently, maybe cuz i get frustrated or im in a hurry most of t
  9. im starting to think some doctors are retarded...
  10. so i guess this is suppose to be a new facial type product out on the market, i came across it on cvs and thought i would try it since i remember reading on here about how cucumbers help ur skin. anyways i've been using it for like a week now, and i have to say it is really good. I notice after i peel off the masque my skin feels extremely smooth (like a baby's butt), but not quite sure whether or not it helps with red marks, at times it seems like my red marks are getting better and at other
  11. this is madness... i gotta try it...lol
  12. well i read this other guys post on it, and i guess its suppose to be a really good topical that makes ur skin shed, thus allowing u to exfoliate more, and thus allowing the red marks to fade faster, but i dunno about using it for pimples.
  13. now i really dont know what to believe lol
  14. and what he told me is completely the opposite of what i have been believing. i was looking for a vitamin to take that would help my skin and he told me that there was no such thing, so i asked him what he recommended to help me get rid of my marks. He said to use benzoyl peroxide, and he said it helps the skin shed faster...but what i thought was that benzoyl peroxide can actually worsen red marks?? im very confused now