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  1. I started taking pantothenic acid powder about a week ago, at first for about two days it was great, no oil production where I usually got it, and no new spots. Then I started getting a few new spots and now its pretty bad. I've heard people say that it could cause purging, firstly how would I know if it is purging, and secondly how long does the purging last for, usually? I'm going to keep using it as it stops the oil I used to get, but its becoming pretty depressing looking at my skin at th
  2. I do biking each night and eat pretty healthy, but was just worried that maybe the zinc was breaking me out, as I hardly break out nowadays. I take chelated zinc 25mg one per day
  3. Anyone use Zinc tablets for their acne? I just started two days ago and have broken out with some small whiteheads, is that the 'purging' that means the zinc is working? I hardly break out much, unless I eat loads of fatty foods in a day and the zinc is the only reason I can think of that is breaking me out.
  4. I've finally brought some zinc, and was wandering how best to take them. I read to take it with meals, do you just slip it in before you swallow some food? Would it be better if I took it straight after eating my food or would this be an ineffective way to take it?
  5. Not sure, i've got some chelated zinc, but i've heard the gluconate one is good as well.
  6. Oh dear lol I feel sorry for you I'm biking to Lincoln when we play each other at the end of August actually! Paul, do you or have you used Zinc before?
  7. Lol, good guess You support anyone?
  8. Thanks, just ordered some 25mg Chelated Zinc, thinking of getting some Fish Oil tablets as well, heard people with acne use them too.
  9. I've got acne on my chin, i've heard its to do with puberty/hormonal acne, and was wandering whether me taking chelated zinc tablets would maybe help me. I've got most of the active acne under control, break out every say once a week, but have some bad red marks and i've read zinc is a good anti inflammatory. So would taking chelated zinc help with the red marks and possibly stop any new breakouts happening? I've seen some 25mg chelated zinc tablets, is one 25mg tablet per day about right?
  10. Are they supposed to help with your acne?
  11. Do you take it with a meal, as in when your eating your food, slip it in when you've chewed your food and are about to swallow it, or just after you've eaten? Also, i've got acne on my chin, think its to do with puberty/hormonal acne, would zinc be a good option for me to use?
  12. Yes I wasted about 5-10 minutes doing it, they are just selling their products at the end of it.
  13. OK, i'm going to keep up with the acv as its faded a few newer red marks over the past few weeks. The only reason I asked whether Zinc tablets would work is because we've got some in the cupboardand i've read that we need zinc in our bodies and it helps keep acne away, might be wrong though.
  14. I drink it too, and have noticed that it actually has stopped me getting new spots, if I do get new ones they are smaller than they used to be. I have also noticed a few newer red marks going down. Might have to give it a try by rubbing it in, but I don't fancy the smell on my face. Do you keep it on all night or wash it off after a few minutes?