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  1. The lasers usually cost $65,000 to $200,000. And they are often obsolete within 2 to 3 years. Acne scars and acne can clear up with 2 Thermage Treatments, a series of 5 IPL treatments, or a series of chemical peels. I have friends who have been totally clear for three to seven years with each of these treatments. Just get a doctor who is experienced and who is board certified in Laser Surgery so you know that you are being treated by an expert. It really makes a difference.
  2. You may want to find someone who has Pixel. It's newer than Fraxel but seems to produce greater results with fewer treatments. Also, make sure that the pictures you review are pictures of patients that the doctor has actually treated - not just ones on the Fraxel website. Good luck!
  3. Yes they did notice improvement in their acne scars with just one treatment of the Pixel laser. They could see the difference, their friends noticed the difference, and they could see significant changes in their pictures after just 1 treatment. Most of them are going to have more done. This Pixel laser also erases under eye lines and many lines & wrinkles on the face with 1 treatment.
  4. The Pixel laser treatment is painless and seems to be much more effective than Fraxel, because the Pixel is the exact same wavelength (2940) as the erbium laser that is used for full face resurfacing. The Pixel resurfaces a portion of the face - the Fraxel does not. Plus Fraxel hurts so bad that most docs can never increase the energy enough to be truly effective. I have 2 friends who have had several Fraxel treatments. None of them noticed any improvement except for improved texture. All o
  5. It's not all about how deep you go. It's about the mix of ablation and depth. The best lasers for scars in the past were Co2 and erbium which were both ablative. Fraxel and Polamar are not ablative, they just heat deeply. Pixel has only been out 1 year but my friend's acne scar improvement with just one treatment were amazing!
  6. The Pixel is a new fractional erbium resurfacing laser, that uses same wavelength as the original erbium resurfacing laser instead of the 1540 like Fraxel. It also ablates some of the surface of the skin so it is more effective.
  7. I get scars like that. They tend to show up long after a very inflamed acne cyst disappears. I've been told that the inflammation actually dissolves the fat under the skin. Mine got a lot better after a few Pixel treatments. You can also get the scar filled with Radiesse if you need a quick fix.
  8. You may want to try the Pixel instead. Ask to see the doctor's before and after pictures of his own patients that have been treated with his laser.
  9. Before I choose a doc for a treatment I ask if they are Board certified in Laser Surgery, and I ask to see the pictures of their own patients that they have personally treated. Then I can see what kind of results they can achieve with one or more treatments. If they do not have these kind of pictures they have not been performing the procedure for very long or they do not care about the results. My friends have had many Fraxel treatments with little to no results. They tried the Pixel and h