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  1. Yeah, your REALLY pro-accutane kelly. JK, I'm not sure if your a guy, but remember chicks always need drama in their life. Accutane is not even nearly that bad. Its alot more dangerous for you to get behind the wheel of a car than take accutane. STATISTICS, kelly, will reinforce that.
  2. "I'm not THAT anorexic"..... Girl, take it from a guy, lads HATE boney chicks. Just put ur weight back on if u've got issues, and look fit AND have clear skin.
  3. don't bet on it. same happened to me, 3 months post tane, i went to a doc n got put back on anti's and once i came off those my skin went bananas worse than b4 my first course of accutane. unfortunately its a lose lose situation bc if ur acnes coming back shortly after accutane then its a sign to go back on it, but unless u've got a pro-accutane derm ur gonna hav to wait until it gets kinda bad, which could actually take a while, becoz otherwise their gonna stick u back on anti's and/or creams.
  4. Go to a derm bro. You've got nothing to lose. 1. Come up with a list of why you don't want to use creams. Pros and cons (try come up with alotta cons) 2. Come up with a list of why you want to go on accutane. (try come up with alotta pros) 3. Go to derm, discuss above, ask for accutane. Its your damn legal right after all!!!! *ps. am in exactly same boat brotha
  5. lol, doctors are not a prophecy, sometimes they now shit and sometime even less... if you want to learn it hard way i have no problems with it, go on the antibiotics and creams... fuck up your immune system and superficial skin and if you got a real acne problem you'll end up on accutane anyway. i had to learn it hard way myself... be smart and learn from somebody's else experiences.
  6. almost 2 years ago now. unfortunately i've only figured acne out in the last 6 months, as in what works what doesn't where hope lies etc. i came off and not knowing what was best for me got run around in the stupid repetive circle by the docs. i've never had bad body acne, but i've pretty much always had 2-8 cysts on my neck. obviously not whilst on the tane though. I have at least another 5 years of acne ahead of me. I'm literally going to develop serious emotional problems if I have to do thi
  7. Not cystic and not before my first course either but it does scar, yeh. But no, if I stopped my skin would be pretty bad, I came off accutane, got put on doxy n that stuff just fucked my skin up worse than b4 my first course. I'm steering clear of anti's from now on. My first derm is on sick leave, he's old so... maybe his gates are opening.... so to speak. I'm waiting to see a new derm. I will still get cysts though, I get cysts and nodules on my neck where I can't put creams.
  8. ^ I'm thinking this for a while now, but it took my skin so damn long to get under control with creams that i don't really want to. But yeh, obviously this would be the highest %'er chance, i think i will do, but then really smother da gaylord creams on my face 1 night before the appointment so my skin is ridiculously red and flakey and yet still has acne, and use a really oily moisturiser that day. Its gonna have 2 be a ridiculous derm who won't re-prescribe me after re-occurence of scarring a
  9. Nope, australia. There were 2 derms in my city, an elderly gent i saw the first time, he's on sick leave so who knows if he'll be back. And a lady who decided to go and have a baby, so I'm on her waiting list *hoo-fuckin-ray*. It was a little over 2 years ago when i started and I knew nothing of accutane, i just took it and got clear, so i honestly dunno my dose. It changed my life and i'm going to need to make the derm see that so I can go on again.