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  1. Bump, I am curious about this too. CANNOT wait to get my eyebrows done after Tane!
  2. I am about a week away from being done my 4th month and I am actually FINALLY starting to be excited about the progress. Up until the end of last week I was still breaking out with some pretty nasty cysts (3 or so a week around the end of month 3, then 2 a week, and last week was just 1), but after my last cyst I can feel that under my skin I don't think I have anything else major to come out. I have no actives right now and only red marks which take a while to heal, but to everyone else having
  3. Yes, Im back on Spiro after being off since March. When I started Yaz, my derm told me to stop taking the Spiro but then I went to a new derm 1 month ago and she put me back on Spiro. I dont want to go back onto the NuvaRing because it was uncomfortable and I like the daily pill much better than having a ring physically inside of me...not cool. O well, thanks for your input though!
  4. Nobodys ever gone from Yaz to Loestrin24 and had either a positve or negative reaction? Or felt Yaz was not helping their acne but then stuck it out and was successful? Come on guys!
  5. A little bit about my BC history...was on NuvaRing March-August last year (in combo w/ Spiro), GREAT GREAT skin! Stopped taking it, no longer was in a relationship and was just getting tired of the ring aspect. Started Yaz mid-March of this year and have been on it since...but I just am not seeing the results I did last year. My skin is miserable. But, I did only recently start Spiro about a month ago, where as last year I had been on Spiro from the get-go in combo w/ the NR. I saw awesome resu
  6. My skin reacts VERY well to the sun, in the summer my skin is always better and after spending a weekend at the beach or out on the boat, my skin is great on Monday. So I was wondering if anyone whose skin has a similar reaction to the sun has ever experimented with a Vitamin D supplement and been successful? Any input would be appreciated!
  7. Sunrise - My acne was somewhat similars to yours the first time I went on Spiro, but it was not at all on my cheeks, but pretty much all around my jaw and chin...very hormonal. I would still give the Spiro a shot if you want to try that before doing Tane again...but I think if I were you I'd go ahead and do the Tane and try to kick it for good and get faster and more long lasting results that the Spiro might not give you. Best of luck, let me know what you decide to do!
  8. Great feedback sunshine, thanks! If I do end up going on Tane I think I will request a lower dose as it seems that keeps the IB at bay for most people. I really dont know about a Tane/Spiro combo, I was wondering the same thing myself but had no clue. As for why I stopped taking the Spiro, when I started my new BC (Yaz), my derm told me to because they are a lot of the same things...and she thought the Yaz would take place of the Spiro...but then I went to a new derm and she put me back on Spi
  9. Thanks for the input When I was on Spiro last year (combied with Nuvaring BC which I started March of 07), I was on it from probably December 06 til August 07, and I really started getting amazingly clear May of 07. That seems like a long time for the Spiro to kick in but I was also on Taz up until February or so which made my skin a living hell, so I believe that if I had been off of the Taz sooner it wouldnt have taken so long for the Spiro to become fully effective. I cant remember my dose
  10. Thanks so much, thats the honest feedback that I needed. Anyone else?
  11. Also, I'd like to add that I was VERY sensitive to the sun while I was on a Doxycyclene/Minocyclene treatment and as I spend a great deal of my time working and hanging out outside, I'm afraid the Accutane will increase my sun sensitivity to a similar degree as the Doxy/Mino...which was absolutley painful and unbearable. Any input there as well would be appreciated. Thanks!
  12. Hi all, I'm a 20 year old female who has been suffering from hormonal acne since I was 13. I've been on just about everything, and also recently came to the realization that dairy drastically affects my skin. Derm after derm I have searched for the perfect combo of topicals and oral medications that would lead me to clear skin...but I'm at my wits end. I'm totally depressed and losing hope. I've recently seen a new derm who put me back on a Retin-A, Duac, and Spiro regimen. I've been on all 3
  13. I've read about Bactrim also, but although I have heard good things about it flushing the bacteria out of your body, I've also heard about some negative side effects, because maybe it flushes out the bacteria that your body might need? I'm not sure, but I'm going to a new derm on Friday to get a fresh and more educated opinion (as opposed to my current derm) so I will keep it in mind to ask about. Good luck w/ your situation nd Also, has anyone experimented with herbal hormone regulation? I wa
  14. I honestly couldnt tell you the dosage...I was on it for about a year up until I started the Yaz, but I dont have the prescription bottles anymore so I dont remember the dosage. I think that was really helping me when I was on the NuvaRing, but by December things were steady getting worse and I think my body just got too used to the Spiro and it stopped being effective.