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  1. bm

    Emu Oil?

    i've been using emu oil for a little over 7 months. i want to say it's helped heal a few minor scars however i don't know whether to attribute that to emu oil or time. emu oil is a great carrier agent so most people tend to mix it with another solution in order to penetrate the skin more. i just use emu oil at nights and wash my face with water only. that is all i do for my face and it works as good if not better than when i had used actual store bought product to apply, etc. i'm 23 and mal
  2. don't worry about a baking soda ratio. wash your face and poor some in your hand. scrub. rinse. apply ACV. wash off later.
  3. when i use baking soda to exfoliate - i wash my face with water then poor an unmeasured amount of it in my hand and spread over/scrub. i don't think it really requires much more of a intricate approach than that.
  4. your skin is not 'absolutely destroyed'. there is still a lot of treatment you can do to correct the indentions. in my opinion your scarring is slightly over moderate but no where near 'absolutely destroyed'.
  5. aloe vera didn't cause that break out. remember it takes days / weeks for acne to form and show itself on the surface of your skin.
  6. bm

    ACV vs aloe

    why not try both. put the aloe vera on after you've washed off the ACV. edit: before bed.
  7. tea tree oil does NOT reduce red marks...infact it makes them worse. there's a thread on it somewhere here. i wish i didn't have to learn the hard way either. the only time i would use TTO now is to spot treat - leave on for a few - then wash off. don't treat already subsided acne/red marks with tea tree oil.
  8. everybody has a different skin biology...some peoples 'red marks' heal faster than others. mine take about 2-4 weeks to completely go away. i use only water to wash (for about a year now), baking soda + ACV every other day, and moisturize with emu oil + rose water. the only time i would use sunscreen is if i'm going to be in the sun for 2+ or more hours ( direct sun light ). it's the type of skin i have that allows me to do this without getting red/sunburn. everyone is different. please, r
  9. we'll have to agree..to disagree. besides, nothing is conclusive in either one of our views.
  10. interesting article icantthinkofaname..though it's only talking about hyperpigmentation. here's an article i can cite to help my views of the sun: http://www.newstarget.com/001221.html exerpt - But you must receive a daily dose of natural sunlight to be truly healthy. We were born to live under the sun, folks. This isn't rocket science. If the sun were dangerous, life wouldn't be thriving on a planet that's so close to the sun. Instead, we'd be living on Neptune. Apparently, most modern docto
  11. i can definitely appreciate ( and understand ) the need to have concern for being out in the sun; however, going out of your way to shield yourself from it is...well i'll be vague. remember moderation? you can't believe the entire planet is just a big new jersey or los angelos. the sun is and forever will be _vital_ to just about anything that wants to live.
  12. i highly doubt a common 40-80watt bulb is going to put off uv rays. i don't understand some peoples finatical views on wearing sunscreen however. i can understand maybe if you've done a face peel and your skin is a bit raw...but why always wear sunscreen? humans.need.sunlight. moderation is key...don't be afraid of the sun...otherwise you're turning your back on thousands of years of evolution. sun ( in moderation ) helps my skin.
  13. i've had 2 injections into a small hypertrophic scar from my derm (located on my jaw line). the needle is _very_ thin so i don't understand how anyone could get a scar from that. once injected the first few days the scar is very shallow but at a week + it starts to rise again; HOWEVER, it definitely improves with color and size after some time. i'm hoping to get another injection soon.. as the last i had was dec last year and i only see it as a positive thing to do.