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    I'm currently majoring in biological sciences and minoring in Mass communication in Nanyang technological university. I'm studying this both because I have loved biology since my secondary school days and since then moved on to like microbiology and genetics but I hate biochemistry and biophysics and anything mathematical. I started taking mass communication in my sophomore year, wanted to minor in psychology but after crashing my friend's class, I realised that mass comn interests me more.<br /><br /><br />My interests include watching Television, hanging out with friends, swimming and playing tennis. I am currently into martial arts and am taking Tae Kwon Do. <br /><br />I am a christian, used to be Catholic, now Evangelist<br />I have a younger brother 5 years younger who doesn't have acne problems. I am also kinda short only 4ft11, 149cm so I dislike people who make fun of my height.

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  1. Hi Maddy,
    I have a question for you.
    Im also Asian guy, mild acne (Oily face), my problem also is persistent acne and left a brown scar after that, after a month right now(20mg /day), what i did glad about that is my nose area feeling dried,feel like black head all coming out,so i know i have to be patient , i hope i will have dry skin experience. My question is: Will dried skin lessen my acne marks ,discoloration mark?> 

  2. This question is made for me because I'm a lipstick gal! I don't really wear lipgloss because it makes my lips look swollen and fat so I have to stick to lipstick. However I agree that lipstick can be a pain to wear, you gotta maintain your lips well otherwise the imperfections will show. What I normally do to my lips before I apply lipstick is to exfoliate with a toothbrush, apply lipbalm and lipliner before the lipstick. The lipliner will make your lipstick last longer and prevent it from fea
  3. I always have really bad blackheads on my nose before and after accutane. During my accutane course, I was blackhead free temporary but after the course, they came right back. For me nothing seem to really work against them until recently I discovered the benefits of AHA. Before that, after my accutane course, my regimen included retina, st ives apricot scrub and st ives clay mask(both once a week) besides the normal cleansing. Recently I added in neutrogena pore refining toner as an alternate
  4. I took 20mg/day for 8 months to clear up my mild moderate persistent and back acne in 2 years ago and have never looked back and regretted it because I no longer have to suffer at the hands of acne again. There have been studies that have linked depression to accutane. However its still being studied because some people have been affected mentally by accutane but some who are even depressed before went on to take accutane and they are fine. The drug affects everyone differently: What happened t
  5. I spot treated with clindamycin gel which is an antibiotic during my course and I was ok.
  6. Thanks! I love to talk science too, you know share the knowlege around.
  7. Alteration of DNA transcription is by no means DNA alteration. DNA transcription means the copying of your DNA into a message which is than used for making proteins. Put it this way, DNA is a blueprint or template and is very stable. DNA transcription is always ongoing because our body constantly produces proteins it needs so thus a sequence of our DNA known as gene is copied into a message known as mRNA which is than read and use as a code to make proteins. This is DNA transcription and in no
  8. It has done its job and reduce your acne to a lesser scale which is what's is suppose to do. You got to understand that accutane doesn't help with red marks, it helps to clear acne or reduce it a less sever form. And accutane does worsen the red marks during the course. I suggest you do what montourage says and use Retin-A because that's very good for red marks and do use sunscreen when you are out in the sun. I get the impression your acne isn't as severe. Severe acne tends to be cystic or no
  9. My skin condition is 95% clear for the past 2 years since post-accutane except occasional pimples and what my derm gave me after my course was Retin-A and clindamycin gel. That was all the prescription medications I have. After accutane, its important that you continue to take care of your skin and cleanse daily. Accutane might or might not bring your acne to remission it depends, so you have to see.
  10. 15 mins for basic makeup like powder, blush, eyeliner, mascara and lipstick. 45 mins for a full face because I'm very fussy about eye makeup. It needs to be blended well and applied properly and it doesn't help that I like to use about 3-4 colours each time . Been watching too much youtube. Plus I like to take my own sweet time too!
  11. My friend is a success story of taking accutane long term for 6 years. After her accutane course, she took accutane for maintenance 20mg/week to prevent acne from flaring again. Before accutane, she suffered from cystic acne which she told me. She didn't suffer from any ill side effects the whole time she took 20mg/week long term though she recently stopped to have a kid and the baby she gave birth to is healthy. She did break out during her pregnancy but the gynaecologist said it could be prob
  12. Can I ask whether you have any predisposing illnesses before you went on accutane because from the way you wrote, it seems like you have. If that is the case, I do not suggest you continue with accutane because it affects even the normal healthy individual and some in a bad way too. Accutane is a huge burden on the body and if you do have other illnesses, it could make it worse. Please do discuss it with your dermatologist.
  13. Agreed! I used Retin-A too throughout my course.
  14. ahhhh mai gooowd ur avatar is sooo cute

  15. I also tried a lot of acne medications in the past and nothing worked as well as accutane. I also have tried antibiotics in the past and once you stop taking or acne becomes resistant to it you will break out really bad which happened to me. I took accutane 2 years ago and never looked back, I'm 95% acne free except the occasional zit. I say if you are getting cysts, you should definitely go on accutane.