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  1. www.fitday.com Record the shit you eat. You want to gain quality weight right? So for quality weight you need protein. The key is to eat every 2-3 hours so your body is constantly getting nutrients. Wether trying to loose weight or gain 2-3 hr apart meals are the thing to do. Make sure each meal you get protein in. Your body won't grow without protein and your organs won't repair either. You use fats and carbs as energy. And protein as a building block for the body along with water. Record your
  2. its not bad for your skin. ive seen tons of threads praising the fuck out of it
  3. I wake up at 7:30 and go to the gym. I wash my face midly before. meaning I will apply that protein mask and I will then apply the green tea. And off to the gym. Then When i get back at 1 I shower. What should I do about my face at this time? Just do a simple vinagar soak to clean my skin or just use my mild cleanser?
  4. Guys I change my pillow case everyday on my pillow. But It seems the places I get acne are the places where and how I rest my head. DOes anyone have any suggestions?
  5. Damn. My skiun has cleared up sooooooo much looks 100x better. But I remmeber having it horribly and how bad and ugly you feel from it. And im reading all this shit you guys are writing about and ic an relate and it makes me feel really bad I send out my condolenseces to all of you. I hope sometime soon you guys will get your self esteem back from all this I know how horrible this shit is. And yeah id love to see some person with perfect skin who looks down upon ppl with acne and them get horrib
  6. Look I do this before I go to the gym. I soak my face in pretty warm water in my sink. I dunk my head for aslong as I can. I repeat it 3 times. I have my cup of green tea which I alraedy drank. I squeeze the tea bag till I get abuncha tea juice out. Then I take cotton pads and put the tea on my face and use it as a toner like alot do. it seems to be working very good.
  7. I am on masteron. An anabolic steroid. It is a derivative of DHT. I use b5 and it seems to be helping a lot.
  8. I am using nuetrogena deep clean for a cleanser. Then I am using BP and I am using green tea as a toner. Just plani ass green tea I got at my house. How should I do this? Should I do BP AM and PM? Cleanser first then what the bp or the green tea?
  9. I see. Does accutane make you break our worse at first?
  10. Read quotes. Type in motivationg quotes on google. I am sure a few will spark your interest and motivate you. I use my depression as fuel for me. And it makes me exercise and lift and train 5x as hard.
  11. I'm also bipolar. Well you and me got smth kinda the same. You got your body in shape, but your acne blew over. For me, I got my acne controlled.. but with my dumb depression I'm starting to gain weight again.. I really don't want to gain anymore cuz.. I wanna look good in the summer. I think you might wanna change your cleanser to something more gentle. How is BP working for you so far? I dont really know yet. If you need some help with dieting just a little bit of help. I can and w
  12. Man I had it from 15-18. At 18 i got my diet in check and exercising right. I am actually a very good looking guy. I just recently broke out horribly I know its hormonal. I just feel so ugly. I feel so angry I feel like shit. Its really bothering me. Ive been hiding from being outside. I find myself always thinking everyones looking at my skin. Its really hurting my social life. Really bad. I am currently doing a nuetrogena deep clean and a BP of 2.5% i just started the BP today. Guys ive battle
  13. yeah cherry I think you are beatiful I just looked at your gallery and I truly mean that