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  1. ok somehow my acne now already on controlled level.... all comedoes that stucked in my deep skin 70%more cleared up there left over that seems need more time until now it almost 2 months passed and i am glad with the result my current face condition : the breakout still occurs, but not cyst only small pimple with with head that can be cured in few days. rarely i got big pimple breakout anymore my current regime : morning >/face wash aha-bha local soap (although somepeople already recommen
  2. greencream might promoted as wrinkle remover... but in practice, it reactive your skin, so not only wrinkle remover, but also works for blemish and scar... you can read more at greencream.com i believe... also i can ask specific question at their forum anyway green cream is retinol varians, so i guess it act just like other retinol products on the market, but lots people say that green cream is one the best retinol in the market getting paula choice products actually depending on your acne .
  3. for people that looking lionqueen, we havent see her for quite a while, so in mean time there voulenteer like snowprincess and other giving nice advice... anyway since this type of question has been asked for many many times, i believe the answer would be same ... GC (retinol) acts as inner skin restructuring... so it not only acne, it can help other problem too like sunburn or scar... in my experience with greencream... yeah it will make you breakout more often than leaving alone or using b
  4. no update lately, well last week i got cold, and havent fully recover by now, plus other daily stuff the proggress so far still good, BHA with GreenCream keep pushing all comedoes out to the surface my face condition now : i still got breakout, once a week, the breakout really minimized! the redness scar previous still there but keep reducing, seems need around a month or two or maybe more to completely disappear during cold, i only wash fash once each day, dunno, but somehow its really ha
  5. by now its around 2 weeks using new regime the proggress so far really good those comedoes getting out of my face thanks to either paulas bha and green cream i still got breakout but the breakout really minimize around 50% ... before i can get breakout every each day, but now a week only 3 or 4 breakout the redness also reduced around 30% ... its still visible but getting back to my previous skin by now i using green cream every 3 days or 2 days, and let my skin get used to the green cream
  6. well you cant do much, i havent got lots knowledge about acne, but i can say you having initial breakout / purging because retin micro this problem usually arise when u use new regime, and nothing much you can do anyway isnt that good, releasing those to get beautiful skin later and rather than picking them... maybe let them be better to avoid scar and redness as my experience and lots people experience, picking can lead to scarring or new breakout
  7. snow queen, about clinique sunscreen, well not i hate it, but it seems discolor my skin when i wear it, especially on red mark because of acne.... anyway do you have other recomendation, as long i can order it via internet i think thats fine, and how about paulas sunscreen ? is paulas sunscreen good too ? thanks !
  8. bha should help you, get some paula bha 2% or 1% if you have sensitive skin i also have that problem, and i found out bha can push them out, right now even, it havent clear my face, but i see the proggress... all those sebum seems going out
  9. just use some hairband, if i dun like wear it all day then hairband ur hair, apply bp, wait for about 15 minute, then u can remove ur hairband in my experience, dried bp didnt bleach my hair and the bleaching strength of bp i believe not that strong that make your hair goes white maybe just a bit brown, just like if you to much got sunburn
  10. sorry for my bad english, yeah i mean initial breakout (how long they take) anyway i start using clinique sunscreen since yesterday and i need your advice in using it, somehow i feel its to thick and dry to fast when i apply on my face, that if i smeer it, it turn to flacky stuff while if i dont smeer nicely, somehow it discolor my face (i dont know if clinique have several sunscreen color, to match user skin) but the one i got is whiter than my skin so when i apply on my face, its make are tha
  11. thank you for the reply snow queen ^^ somehow i just curious, and from what i see, you really experienced in this case ^^ well actually what i ask is not important, but i just want to compare my proggress, with other people proggress using bha treatment after almost 2 weeks with bha treatment, yeah somehow i feel the proggress... but also curious since the breakout still occur, the breakout often near previous acne.. its more like curing and break out again and repeated like that... anyway i
  12. snow queen, i have question again maybe you boring with these question but with bha treatment, how long initial breakout usually go on ? while with bp i read lots people got initial breakout around 1 to 3 months...but i havent got any clue from bha user... only some little info from paulas faqs and this message board, that the improvement can occurs within 1month... is that means by 1 month the initial breakout already over?
  13. just seeing my face in the mirror, somehow those comedoes rising, seems bha doing its work and trying to push out those comedoes out i kinda confused, why cyst acne on the right side on my jaw line havent cured... its more like cure and then new acne remaking.... by now, its almost 2 weeks i am using bha around 4weeks to 6weeks before i giving hope to bha either
  14. yeah somehow i know your feeling, with those persistent acne... since my face condition just like your... anyway about acne spreading, maybe i can be caused irritation, or maybe you change your regime to fast, i also getting those problem before, but i figure out the what grow my acne back then, its my hair that long enuf, and often touch my cheek, so somehow as my hair goes longer, the acne spreading too, but back then, the new breakout is not inflammation acne, but comedo like acne.... about
  15. acne not always caused because your liver is dirty... thus eating healthy food not make you free from healthy.... from my experience, there is a time i breakout lots without any reason... and i believe that not because the food i eat... try to check your daily routine like your sleep time etc... well some people agree that sleep time dun effect to acne, but messed sleep time (often change your sleep time) can make your nerves have problem too...and from what i read, those problem can lead to ea