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  1. Just a quick note about the CARMEX. I'm usually a big fan of the old-school CARMEX, but I got a nasty surprise using it while on accutane. I developed irritated broken skin at the corners of my lips. I wondered why and then read the ingredients - it contains salicylic acid. I'm figuring if our facial skin is too delicate for SA, then our lips probably are too! I'm an Aussie and I now use pawpaw and chapstick.
  2. Its comforting to see people posting about this! I've had the exact same thing. I'm in emergency medicine so based on experience I've not thought I've been having a heart attack, but have still been a wee bit concerned! Mine felt like a poking, as somebody described. Not visceral pain, but more like pain on the surface. Amazingly, once I started to take fish oil with my pills, it went away and I only get it very occasionally. But still, if any of you are worried - don't hesitate to get a doc
  3. Cymru, It is scary to think about how powerful this drug is. I have a bit of a different story, but can relate to your concerns. I'm 26 and have a long established relationship with mental illness - I left school when I was very young and was hospitalized with severe depression. Ironically, at this point in my life I'd never really had a pimple. This remained the case until a few years ago when my skin became totally unfortunate. I tried everything before making the decision to chance accutan
  4. Hi sweetheart, Your progress is awesome. I know its a hell of a long road, but just think - imagine somebody turned the clock back... at least you are well on the way! My problem is very much the same as yours. I have red marks that have turned up, seemingly from nowhere. And my skin doesn't heal like it did before - no way. I reckon' emu oil does help. But TIME is the business. Slow, steady, peaceful. And be inspired, I have no actives at all. You're so on the way. X E.
  5. Wow...amazing. I will remember this the rest of my life. Wow, thankyou... funny the gold that flows when you're not even thinking about it. Well everybody, the rot may just have set in now (day 10). The lips, the scalp. the joint aches. They are all mine. But glorious skin will come, so I'm dealing. Hoorah! Hope you're all coping. Oh - The hairbrush full of hair is a little scary, but luckily I'm blessed with stupidly thick hair. To end on a bright note - I've only had a few tiny bu
  6. Laaaaaaaaadies. Well three days, three tablets taken. My face also, has turned into an oil slick. Bring on the dryness I say. Goodness me. Liquid Face for real. I'm being good and moisturizing from day one. Not forgetting them nostrils either. And I'm relieved that I'm still feeling reasonably perky and my night vision is just dandy thus far. Last week I spent the night with a lovely lovely man. Gosh I was great - charming, funny, cute. Its amazing what a bit of mood lighting does for an acne
  7. Hi guys, I've not posted on these boards much but have read them back to front over the past few years. I used to have ridiculous-beautiful china doll skin until about three years ago. I couldn't believe that it took 23 or so years to get my first bit of acne. Horrified. So in the past three years I've tried EVERYTHING and no joy. So here it is, accutane time. I start in about three or four days and I'm terrified and excited. Just need to be very careful to look after ourselves through this p