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  1. If I was going to try a lactic/glycolic acid peel for the first time, which one would you recommend from this page? http://www.makeupartistschoice.com/productmenu.htm Thanks!
  2. Have I not been using the mandelic acid for long enough? Anyone? [-o<
  3. I've been using Mandelic Acid (http://skincarerx.com/ecommerce/index.html?category=serum) for a few weeks now. It in combination with Clean and Clear Blackhead and Acne scrubs and a moisturizer daily (Botchla's regime) have pretty much stopped acne dead in its tracks. I love the way my skin feels now too. Its smooth like butta. However it hasn't really done anything about my red marks or scars. Only once has my skin been dry where I can see it flaking at all and I've been applying it amply (6
  4. You're my dog blue! /Oldschool Seriously though, thanks for your posts!
  5. So something like mandelic acid wouldn't help at all? Like these products: http://skincarerx.com/ecommerce/?category=mamalotion http://www.skincarerx.com/ecommerce/?category=mandelic (5th down)
  6. Hi everyone. I apologize for making a post you probably see all the time. I am a little overwhelmed by all the posts and terms in this "Scar treatments" forum. Can anyone point out some threads/posts/sites where I can find information about possible treatments for red marks that I have on my face that won't go away? Some of them I'm sure were caused by acne, but I have two big red marks on either side of my nose that have been there as long as I can remember and I am not sure why. Th
  7. Been using it for two months and its worked out great. I've probably had less than 10 new pimples since I started on it. Its worked much better for me than Dan's. I also hated coating my face in BP every day. Might as well give her a try and see if it works for you.