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  1. 60mg/ Month 3 Day 9 No new breakouts..had a couple of clogged pores but they dried up as soon as they appeared. I hope I am not getting ahead of myself by saying I am pretty happy with the way my skin is responding. Hmm..skin is dry as hell. Scabbing at the back of arms and hands despite applying Cetaphil. I am trying out Palmers cocoa butter to see if it works better. Its been 2.5 weeks sicne I started Fish oil and Glucosamine. Fish oil is causing acid reflux though which is very annoying
  2. 60mg/ Month 3 Day 5 Nothing out of the ordinary to report:) Hope everyone is doing well! Kris
  3. IMO Tane far outweighs the side effects i've experienced. It was all worthwhile.. As for side effects- dry lips, some hair loss( didnt have much to start with lol), joint aches @ elbow and pelvis mostly..didnt bother me at rest only during strenous exercises..did not go away after treatment though. Dry skin on back of arms and hands. Blemishes seemed to fade slower whilst on Tane. Excessive skin peeling (face) towards the end of my course. Thats about all I can think of, good luck! Kris
  4. Hey yvette, how is it looking? One day closer to perfect skin.. My derm doubled the dose but he wanted me to stick to the same dose profile as course 1 so yeap, thats why its taking me 6 months this time round. Kris Glad to hear you are finally joining the tane wagon. Its a rough ride but well worth it in the end! As for what u'd need..first off- PATIENCE PATIENCE PATIENCE..cant stress it enough. Many a time during my first course, i hit pit bottom, felt really lousy even thought
  5. 60mg/ Month 3 Day 3 Nothing new to report facewise..thankfully. Pimple above left eyebrow is dying off quite quickly. I failed to mention that the back of my arms and hands have gone all scaly and are actually starting to scab over. But its my fault for having been complacent with moisturising. My eyes feel really dry too..especially my right eyeball. Felt as if my eyelid was stuck to the eyeball when I woke up this morning. Ok folks thats as much as there is to report for tdy, hope everyon
  6. Hi Hopingitworks, GOOD LUCK with your course. The ride can get rough but hang in there, you'll be having great skin in no time! Kris
  7. You skin looks pretty good actually! Good to know you arent experiencing breakouts with round 2. I am havign the occasional spots as well but no massive breakouts. I see this course as a fine tuner, hopefully ridding me of acne forever! Good luck and keep the updates coming. Kris
  8. Good luck Aljeca! I am 2 months into Round 2, so far so good. Doesnt seem as bad as my first course at all. Hope it all pans out! Kris
  9. Ok i am confused. Should I reply to the post within my topic or in yours. Hahax anyways remember, no matter how bleak it all seems right now, YOU ARE DOING THE RIGHT THING. Hang in there babe. I had the light patch issue as well. See my just-after-course1 pics. my left cheek was considerably lighter for no reason! I am not sure what the exact mechanisms are behind this but i think Tane causes your skin to peel at times, more so in certain areas. From my experience, it eventually evens out. Tr
  10. 60mg/Month 3 Day 2 Woke up to a new active just above my eyebrow. Its been pretty quiet otherwise. Somehow I feel alot calmer this time round. Maybe because I know whats to come. And the apparent absence of an IB. My eyes ae getting really dry though. Something I did not have with my first course. Aite, c ya later! Kris
  11. Thats my girl! How is the 4% HQ coming along? I comtemplated using that at one point to address the blemishes. The beauty with Tane is that it causes your skin to peel considerably and as result the blemishes are signigifantly reduced and lightened. Good luck ywette and may the force be with us! Kris
  12. Hang in there yvette, it seems neverending but you'll get there! Good luck and remember to take pictures cos your skin is going to look fabulous and you will forget what it looked like when you started! Kris
  13. Pictures, pictures! I have attached pictures before, during and after my 1st course. Check out what Tane has done for me. Wish it lasted though. Will post pictures of my progress during Course 2 in due time. Before Course 1 Midway through Course 1 Just after Course 1 11 months after Course 1 Well what do you think? My skin began to deteoriate a month after the last pictures..still the journey was well worth it. Hopefully Course 2 rids me of acne forever.. Kris
  14. Howdie! I have benefitted tremendously from acne.org and hope my journal proves useful to fellow acne sufferers. I am into day 60 of my 2nd course of Acnotin (generic Tane). An odd time to start a log but better late than never. I am 27 male (130lbs) and started fighting the acne war at 13. I have very oily skin and moderate but annoying acne. I have used an endless list of topicals, herbals and antibiotics in the past 12 yrs. Worthy of mention are Retin A (Tretinoin 0.025%) and Proactiv Solut
  15. Your life is gonna turn aorund for the better with Tane! Best decision i made. As for the side effects, its not as bad as it all sounds. I was pretty apprehensive myself when i started out. Esp the liver enzymes and all that. Eventually I ended up having just dry lips and and a coupla joint aches and honestly it was well worth the end result. The only worrisome side effect i can think of was hair loss but I finished my course 5 days ago and I am confident its gonna grow back. Its good that you'l