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  1. Please tell that to the angry pimples that arise every time I eat dairy.
  2. Just curious what everyone is avoiding because it causes break outs. For me, dairy is my worst enemy. I can't enjoy ice cream, milk, or moderate quantities of yogurt without paying the price. I have found that kefir is ok though, probably due to the added bacteria helping me digest the lactose. I haven't noticed anything else though. What about you? What foods cause you to break out? I have heard stories that citrus and other weird foods cause some to break out.
  3. I take Vitamin A and it helps with keeping pores clear and keeping sebum production down. I would just recommend to take it with Vitamin D at a 1:1 ratio or something close. Because Vitamin A and Vitamin D both compete for the same receptors in the body, a unbalance of the two results in health complications you simply do not want.
  4. Take a deep breathe. You will live through this.. And:
  5. JakeH

    Oil Cleanse

    Oil Cleanse

    I recently switched to the oil cleansing method using only jojoba oil and I will never wash my face any other way! There is no need to moisturize after I wash anymore, and my face is less oily throughout the day. This is truly the best thing I have ever stumbled upon.
  6. Ok I'll just post my 2 cents, just kinda speculating at this point since I don't know your background, but I can give you suggestions. Pinpointing what is going on would be nearly impossible. With that being said Im betting the acne is most likely associated with hormones and there could be a lot causing the issues: poor gut health, taxed immune system, deficiencies, food allergies, etc... In order to solve this you really have to do some digging and test what help and what doesn't. Here ar
  7. Work on your diet before going to a dermatologist, who will most likely proscribe you antibiotics, which will just makes things worse in the long run. Try cutting out dairy, soy, and gluten for two weeks and just see if anything changes. Also, as hard as it might be, stressing too much about your acne will only make it worse. Stress affects your immune system and overall health, so it's no surprise it is linked to acne breakouts. Try to relax. Acne doesn't define you.
  8. As for topical remedies, I would look into oil cleansing or the caveman regime, as they seem to work the best for sensitive skin types. Other than that we need a little background information in order to help with curing the cause of your acne. How's you diet, etc...
  9. First off, I completely agree that the food quality is crap here but there are stores that specialize in healthy, unadulterated products (though the prices are usually a little higher). With that said If you notice that your acne gets worse from your GAPS diet I would recommend backing off on the probiotics and looking into SIBO, as it correlates with leaky gut food intolerances. Most of the time if you are dealing with SIBO, introducing too many probiotic rich foods too early will only add to
  10. Google paleo diet and start researching what foods are recommended. I believe it is one of the best diets to follow if you are trying to clear up your acne.
  11. I feel like I'm in the wrong section Anyway, I definitely recommend drinking red raspberry leaf tea every night before bed, and throughout the day. You could just make a big batch every night and drink the leftover tea throughout the next day. Red raspberry leaf is known to be phenomenal at balancing hormones in many ways. Also cutting out dairy and soy for a couple weeks would be a great idea. Just see if anything improves... Good luck.
  12. While this is entirely speculation, I think it all has to do with gut health. Since there is a positive correlation between gut problems and acne, it only makes sense that things that affect the gut microbiome will affect acne as well. Cocoa is high in FODMAPs which feed bad bacteria in the gut. This is especially true is cases of SIBO, which I believe to be a unrecognized epidemic. Fix your gut health and you wont have any problems with moderate amounts of chocolate.
  13. Seeing that you have high sensitivity to gluten and dairy I'm almost 100% your acne can be cleared up by working on your gut health. I too had issues with acne around my chin/mouth and it cleared up pretty quickly when I started to heal my gut. Here is what I recommend. Avoid: Gluten and Dairy: Both are bad for digestive health and dairy is known to cause acne by messing with hormones and through other means. Large meals and eating late at night: You're probably dealing with SIBO and these