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  1. Ok. It does NOT matter what kind of head my zits have; they will always hurt. Everything except blackheads, at least. But I don't those very often. Are they classified as cysts or papules/pustules. Though, I do occasionally get REAL cysts; hard lumps deep in the skin. So is there anyone that knows why all of them hurt?
  2. I love American Eagle Jeans. They have a ton of fits and washes. Price is from $30-$60ish. I have two pairs that have lasted well over a year.
  3. No she's not anti-dermatologist, my dad's been to one a few times. But she still doesn't see how bad my skin is and she overestimates the effectiveness of OTC products.
  4. I absolutely canNOT do this anymore. No one on this household gets it. My mom thinks I'm irritated because I can't get my restricted license today, but really I'm just having the worst skin day. I'm so sick and tired. I'm an emotional wreck. I only have two active lesions, but tons of redmarks. I counted them. Forty-six. The two zits I do have on pretty much on my lip and it hurts bad when I talk. I think I'm depressed, I have a ton of built-up stress and anger because I stopped cutting myself b
  5. Well, my skin looks least inflamed when I first wake up, so it's something like "Wow my face is shiny. . .I need to put my hair back up again. . .I have dark circles under my eyes. . .damn my contacts hurt. . .I wonder if I have any new texts. . .God I wish my mom would take me to a dermatologist."
  6. I have this ringworm on my leg, and I realized that the stuff my dad gave me to clear it up is actually an antifungal. I've heard about how antifungals (butenifine was the one mentioned, which is in Lamisil) can 'activate' the benzoyl peroxide. I'm using 2.5% BP once a day (at night), and thought it would be nice to try. But I'm wondering- will the kind I have (Tolnaftate 1% cream) be comedogenic or worsen my acne?? The only other ingredients are (in order they appear on the tube) BHT, PEG-400,
  7. Oh.My.God. That is a LOT. I'm going to throw away some of my stuff too. Thanks for inspiring me.
  8. Yeah taking the ACV is really hard, it tastes like vomit. I really want to try ACV tablets though, because taking it has made my skin less oily. Anyone have success with tablets?
  9. I don't think it would be scars, probably just post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation. I guess it would depend on the acne you had (inflammatory or non-inflammatory). Salicylic acid should actually help with scars, since it is an acid. If you don't like them, ACV helped me out a TON.
  10. I actually have had good results mixing Clean&Clear Advantage spot treating gel. I use a very small amount (a little goes a long way, less than a pea-sized amt) all over my face, and wait for that to try and then apply Proactiv BP. My skin hasn't been as oily the past few days. I only use the salicylic acid + BP at night, and I use just BP in the morning.
  11. I think she meant staph. It's a viral (I think. . .maybe its bacterial) infection that occurs when you have tiny cuts in your skin (from exfoliation and the like), and the staph bacteria/virus gets into those cuts. A lot of times it will look like a zit (pustular in particular).
  12. Wow. It's kind of appalling that you dermatologist would just tell you to hope that you'll grow out of it. I suggest seeing a different dermatologist, getting a hormone check, and possibly an allergy screening (is that what it's called??). It will take a while to get the results back, but I know people who have been cleared from figuring out what they're allergic to. Your acne also could be dietary. Gluten, dairy, sugar, and a truckload of other foods could be causing your acne. What about your
  13. No, 10% is a rather low dose. You can buy higher concentrations (35%, 50%, 60%) on Amazon and eBay. Those higher concentrations are more for peels. 10% in a cleanser will not provide results as quickly as a peel twice a month (which you can buy off the sites i mentioned above). 10% should be good for daily use.
  14. Yeah I pop them when they're ready. Then I put on a big glob of vaseline or Neosporin and they're pretty much gone by morning.