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  1. As a long-time acne scar sufferer, I am always skeptical about many of the claims. Regardless, I came across this case study by a doctor who treated a patient with the Infini, and the results are very impressive. http://www.usa.lutronic.com/pdf/CaseStudy_AcneScars_Ibrahimi_ConnecticutSkinInstitute.pdf The before and after pictures are only around 9 months apart, and the patient only had three treatments. I'd agree with the study in saying the improvements are over 95%. A few questions and tho
  2. No problem about the long reply. Acne is a complicated topic and is never simple For the past five years, my diet has been 98% whole foods. I mainly follow the guidelines of the Primal Diet at Mark's Daily Apple. I had allergy tests done and only wheat came up, which I haven't eaten in years. These foods make up the bulk of my diet: 100% grass fed Australian steak 100% grass fed Australian ground beef Kerrygold Grass Fed Butter Raw, Organic Pasture Raised Cheddar Cheese (I recently jus
  3. With my 28th birthday passing last month, I realize that I have now had acne for half of my life. When I joined this forum in 2007, never in my wildest dreams did I think I would still be here in 2015. I have had a lot of temporary victories and things that have somewhat helped, but it always comes back. I have been on the Regimen so many times for years at a time. I first tried it in 2004 or so when it was just known as The Clear Skin Regimen. Then it became Dan's Regimen. Now it is known as th
  4. I have been on and off the acne.org regimen for over 10 years now. With my acne worsening as I get older, I find I have to use more and more BP in the morning and at night. Since I breakout around my hairline and eyebrows, I have to do the regimen around that area. Unfortunately it is bleaching my light brown hair towards the front of my hairline and my eyebrows. I have tried everything. I wipe my hair immediately after applying. I have also put vaseline on my eyebrows and front of my hairline b
  5. I can relate as well. I am going to be 28 next month, and am pretty much the only guy in my age range that I see with acne. 14 years of dermatologists, antibiotics, all of the retinoids, the acne.org regimen numerous times, diet changes (paleo, no dairy, no gluten, etc) have only provided marginal, temporary results. At this point, slathering as much BP on my face as I can provides the best results, but I am still not clear and it is bleaching my hair and eyebrows like crazy. Maybe by the
  6. This is my 3rd time trying the acne.org regimen. I first attempted it all the way back in 2007. I always had issues with severe dryness and not spreading the BP out enough. I tried again in 2012 and had the same problems as I did the first time. Fast forward to January 2014 when I decided to give it a final try. Because of the extreme dryness, I don't use a cleanser and only wash my face with water. This has worked out extremely well as there is no longer any irritation and only minimal dr
  7. It may sound like blasphemy to say it on this site but over the now 13 years that I have had acne, I realize that just using water on my face has worked the best for me. Proactive, The Regimen, every retinoid, every antibiotic, etc. I have used the regimen about 3 different times (each lasting over a year) and quit each time despite it helping a bit. I always had a feeling that the cleansing portion was hurting my results (my face was barely able to move after I would wash my face) but was
  8. I say do it. I remember being that 19 year old guy who was sick and tired of using face washes and creams every single day. Now I'm that 26 year old guy who is sick and tired of using face washes and creams every single day when Accutane was probably the answer the whole time.
  9. The same exact problem is happening to me regarding it bleaching the tips of my hair and my eyebrows. I think it has to do with getting BP in my hair and going out in the sun. It is awful as everyone is asking if I am highlighting the tips of my hair. Not a good look for a 26 year old guy.
  10. BUMP I look like I'm in a 90's boy band. Is this happening to anyone else and how can I prevent it?
  11. Recently I have been getting a bit more sun and have noticed that my eyebrows and the tips of my hair are starting to bleach and get really light. It looks awful and people are asking me if I am highlighting it. I know BP is known to bleach clothing and towels but can it also bleach hair? If so, any tips on how to prevent it? I breakout near my hairline and eyebrows so I can't really skip the area.
  12. Honestly I would find a new derm. You are the patient and want to try a treatment that gives great success to the majority of people. I speak from personal experience over the past 14 years at how frustrating and stressful it is trying new treatments that may or may not work while your anxiety increases. He shouldn't deny you a treatment that you are comfortable taking and know the side effects. I have never used Accutane but the current derm that I go to will prescribe it at any time t
  13. Can stress be the root of my acne? I am an almost 27 year old guy who has had acne for 14 painful years now. It has been cystic at times while other times manageable. I have done EVERYTHING besides Accutane (still regret not trying it) From 19-23 it was pretty mild and responded extremely well to a combo of a light coating of Dan's BP in the morning and Differin at night. I ate anything that I wanted. Fast food, dairy, tons of alcohol, and my acne stayed mild. Fast forward to whe
  14. For 14 straight years, I never went longer than maybe 5 days without BP. In spite of all of that, I still regularly brokeout and was never really clear from BP. Over the past 2-3 months, I have overhauled my diet and cut out anything processed. So my diet went from a ton of fast food to only whole foods and making sure my glycemic load is always low (I follow a one ingredient rule when selecting foods. obvious exceptions are made if it is something like hot sauce that has a few different spi
  15. after 13 years , only cod liver oil worked that well for you ? i have tried it and it didnt seem to prevent any acne for me Other things have worked for me to an extent and I have tried it all (Dan's regimen for years, Tazorac, Retin-A, Differin, every oral antibiotic, etc) They have all reduced my acne and gave me good results but not the results that I want at 26 years old. For one reason or another, cod liver oil seems to do the trick for me. Certain medications that have worked for ot