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  1. it could be. But honestly I wash very gently and get the flakes anyway. Maybe try a different moisturizer, because I find that some kind of just sit on your skin without actually moisturizing. I'm using cetaphil right now and I like it, and I also mix it with some vitamin C serum which is super moisturizing but not oily. As for makeup, I've found that Lancome concealer has been the only one to cover my pimples without making them that weird purple colour and I also use one of their setting pow
  2. Ugh I hate dry flakes while trying to put on my makeup! My first tip would be not to pop your pimples as this leads to them scabbing over and becoming impossible to cover up well. It's way easier to put makeup on an annoying pimple that's at least smooth than some crusty scab lol. Make sure you moisturize at night time. In the morning I gently wash my face, then use a cotton pad and my toner (witch hazel) and apply it all over my face. With the cotton pad I target the flakey areas by gently r
  3. Thank you for your advice I definitely will stick out my topical, I do like it so far I'm just hoping it makes a difference in the long run and that I'm on the right path. Ive used glycolic acid twice back to back and haven't noticed any redness but I'll go easy on it just in case i was also considering asking my doctor about Spiro but I felt it was best to go the topical route first since my acne is mostly mild right now. I'm glad you like it and that it's working for you! I've heard lots ab
  4. Hi everyone, So I used to have really awful acne of this sort about 3 years ago, but my birth control OTC has done a good job at maintaining my skin lately. I've been on it about 2.5 years. over the last month I've started breaking out around my chin and jaw area with the same type of acne as before. I've just been prescribed clindoxyl and have only been using it for about a week. So far I like it but haven't seen any real improvement (I know I have to wait much longer though!) I also ju
  5. If clindamycin gave you hives, they also have another antibiotic and benzoyl cream with benzoyl and erythromycin that might work for you instead. Check with your doctor when you see them if you think it might help. I've only been using it for 3 days so I can't give a reliable review, but im really happy with it so far. Are you still taking Spiro right now? As for a moisturizer, I've read that argan oil is amazing as a moisturizer. It's more of a "dry" oil it won't clog pores or make your skin
  6. oh wow I was so close to asking my doctor for Spiro but I decided to try topical first instead. Thank God I didn't, I didn't research it nearly enough and I don't have any of the symptoms that would warrant someone taking it (such as oily skin and some annoying facial hair). Definitely not an option for me. I'm on day 2 of clindoxyl gel hoping that'll help control my flare ups a bit. My acne isn't as severe as before, definitely just mild but I'm paranoid about what it could turn into. I thin
  7. For some reason half of my post was cut off and only this last paragraph was posted. I also mentioned that I'm currently on Ortho tri cyclen and have been for about 2.5 years. Its done a really great job at managing my hormonal acne, but recently I've been breaking out again like I used to. Personally I wish I had known about Ortho Cyclen before going on OTC because I know how sensitive my body is to hormones. Now Im hesitant to switch over to it because I deeply hate that 3 month transition per
  8. Even Tones "idebenone" lotion from the Priori skin care line. You can order it off Amazon. Made a world of difference for me.
  9. Hi! My skin looked a lot like yours after I had an awful breakout for a year due to being on the wrong birth control. I use Priori skin care line which is AMAZING. Their products are packed with AHAs and all my hyperpigmentation marks from back then are gone. (Although I still have new marks from random breakouts). They have a lotion called "even tones" and the label says "idebenone". I only use this at night because it's yellow and kind of tints your face yellow too lol. But it doesn't clog p
  10. my doctor suggested Diane 35 istead of OTC as women typically see better results (although from what I've read online I'm not sure about that).Ive also heard that Ortho Cyclen (not tri) is good for skin as it's monophasic rather than triphasic. This means that the hormones dose throughout the month is consistent rather than variable, like it is in OTC.
  11. I've been on OTC for almost 3 years and it did a pretty good job at keeping my hormonal acne under control. My skin was never 100 percent perfect but I felt comfortable in it. I switched to OTC from Ortho tri cyclen lo (which worked for a while then I started breakthrough bleeding and getting acne again). Anyways, 3 years on OTC and I'm starting to break out again like I used to (which was really quite awful). I get the painful papules that don't form a white head all over my chin jaw and upper