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  1. Thank you LP. Please keep me updated if you can about what the naturopath says, I will definitely look into it myself. I hope you get some answers. I know how much it can knock your confidence.
  2. Hi everyone. I’ve suffered with acne since I was a teenager and was prescribed Accutane when I was around 17. This helped tremendously but the last few years my acne has flared up again bad, mainly around my chin, nose, mouth and jawline. It’s the worst on my chin and it’s literally EVERY DAY I get a new spot. They are under the skin, cystic and painful. My forehead is always totally clear. I suffered with it on my upper back too a couple of years ago but since then it’s been clear. I also noti
  3. Hey everyone. So early to mid September I began to get a rash on my neck which was very itchy. I used vitamin E gel on it for a couple of weeks which cleared it up (I mention this because I'm not sure if it's related to the acne or not but it might be). Soon after that cleared up, I began to notice spots on the right and left side of my neck near the jaw line, just underneath. I didn't think anything of it as I sometimes get the odd one or two on my neck and I was due on my period too. But