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  1. 2 days in

    2 days of using this and the results are noticeable. Hoping it keeps working!
  2. I'm 15 and have the exact same problem. I have to physically stop myself. Something that helps is talking to friends. My friend who has very severe acne and I (who has very minor with only a few pimples) formed a pact and are holding each other to it. This helps because I let down someone else not just me. I've also started putting small bandaids on once I get home from school because that's when I'm most likely to pick. Not sure if you have anxiety but I do and this is an outlet for me that I'm
  3. Hi All, I'm new here but definitely not new to the wonderful, joyous world of pimples. Now mine is quite mild but it still causes me a lot of strife. I'm very insecure about pimples and the like and because of that have a really bad problem with popping my pimples. Right now I'm not doing that because I had an epiphany and have resolved not to but to give you some history: Previously I would pop anything. And I mean anything. Ever whitehead, blackhead, pore. Tiny bumps on my forehead that