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  1. Hi my name is John and I came across this site today 2 weeks ago :D, and found it to be very intresting how we can treat acne. I 18 and have had acne for several years. I got my first set of blood work done 7 days ago been on accutane for 6 days :) starting at 20 mg.

    I hope it works, because it seems like I have tried everything from Proactive, to Retin A to antibiotics and all the rest

    Once I start on it, I will keep a journal on here, and hopefully can give some helpful advice and also receive some tips and tricks on how to deal with the dry skin etc that comes with it cheers ppl

    Day 1:

    Nothing new same ol face :P

    Day 2: face was getting oiler? ( is that meant to happen?)

    Day 3: Face has calmed down.. now break outs still oil

    Day 4: Breaking out abit.. still oily skin :S

    Day 5: Had a shave today skin still oily as all hell... no new break out JUST OILY

    Day 6: Breaking out abit ... Oily face stilll wtf?, face is itchy also..

    Should my face be so oily and itchy or is it just me.. dont think so