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  1. thank man Update: last 3 days skin has been drying ot alot lips are dry legs and arms are too. Also a question should I shave each time when facial hair comes up or leave it be cause after i shave me face seems oily.. tell me what use think thank
  2. hey there mate, just posting to wish you the best of luck . Hope all goes well cya Hegs
  3. Day 7: ok well this morning i woke with my face red and blushed.. and contiuning to out break ... Face is really starting to dry out now even my legs and arms =\.. Post reply please
  4. Thank for stopping by Jessica <3 hehe :Pand reading my blog.. so today its more dry then it has been for the last few days still red and breaking out.. just gotta hold in there
  5. Hi my name is John and I came across this site today 2 weeks ago , and found it to be very intresting how we can treat acne. I 18 and have had acne for several years. I got my first set of blood work done 7 days ago been on accutane for 6 days starting at 20 mg. I hope it works, because it seems like I have tried everything from Proactive, to Retin A to antibiotics and all the rest Once I start on it, I will keep a journal on here, and hopefully can give some helpful advice and also receive s
  6. Mention to her your on medication.. she should understand as far as i see.
  7. Im feeling you man.. i know how it is, just be strong if she really loves you for you, shell take you for who you are. Best of luck
  8. looking good man.. geez i cant wait till im on roaccutane.
  9. ok will do.. also i always have trouble with chicks they all go for looks and cause i have acne etc.. they dont even bother to look at me it sucks i cant find anyone who will accept me for me :S -.-
  10. Nice to meet you.. well at the momemnt im 18 soo yer hopefully someone can answer my question, cheers for the reply.
  11. Hey all im brand new to this site.. so hello to all. I have a few question about roaccutane. First of all how much is it rougly per month?, and I work out doors 5 days a week and the blistering sun with lots of dirt and dust etc as i am a labourer will there be any affects due to this?. Thank all.. btw this is me