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  1. I actually broke out from complex 15 as well but never did the water thing. It seemed to semi-moisturize my face but dry it out at the same time...hard to explain but it didn't make my face shiney or weird looking later in the day like others have. After I stopped using it(someone on here told me to stop using it to see if that's what was causing me to breakout since they also broke out from using it) I stopped having the non-normal breakouts I was getting. I may give the water thing a try somet
  2. I haven't been posting on this site for a while ever since I started to take olive oil. My skin before was horrible and good fats seem to have made a big difference(I rarely ever got any good fats before). For some reason lately I've been breaking out a good bit but over all my skins so much better. When I went to my doctors a few month ago to talk about male pattern hairloss(at age 19 it doesn't feel to great ) I mentioned what I was doing for my acne and she complimented me on my complexion..
  3. I stopped eating ketchup once I started to worry about my stupid face. I used to put it on so many different foods. I could never go without putting it on eggs. The one thing I miss the most is making egg sandwiches with melted cheese, bacon, and ketchup. It was so simple but so good. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it.
  4. I used that for a couple of months a few years ago but the graphics or writing on the bottle is a little different. I was thinking about trying it again since I still have it but I'm trying to avoid putting things with sa and bp on my face. About the saw palmetto...how much do you take? I just got some today and it's 80mg per pill which you are suppose to take 4 times a day. I'm not sure if that would be enough or not.
  5. Really? Did you break out within days or was it longer? I've only been using it for a few weeks now and everything was fine at first. My skin is usually dry but can get oily from being dry and when I use complex 15 it my skin feel moisturized/dry at the same time...it's weird. I kind of like it since my face looks decent all day. With Cetaphil my face looks good for a while after using it but then later on it gets shiney/weird looking and also feels very sticky. I guess I'll cut it out and see w
  6. I searched on here and didn't find much but I randomly found out about it on another site. I've seen a lot of good reviews but of course their are a few "it didn't do anythign for me" reviews also. I was thinking about trying it out and switching my cod liver oil to fish oil since the pills have vitamin A in them. For anyone who doesn't know it contains Vitamins A, B, C, Zinc, and a few other things that are good for skin. The 2 posts I saw on this site about it didn't have great reviews but mos
  7. I take 2tsp of cod liver oil but I want to get some some fish oil to take with that also to bump up my 0mega-3 a little more. I have also been avoiding dairy, grains(well gluten), sugars, and prosseced food for the past few months. After about a month of taking cod liver oil and zinc my face was getting better. Pimples would heal faster and the big pimples I used to get here and there especially ones on my neck I wouldn't get anymore or when one did form it wouldn't be no where near as big as be
  8. It is the extract but I can't find it anymore so I'll have to get some more. I was looking stuff up about it and one site said it blocks both type 1 and 2. Not sure what to believe but I'll try it out for the hell of it until I go to the doctors for propecia even though some of the sites I read made it seem that saw palmetto can be just as effective. It's all confusing me. lol Dancedd, just saw another post of yours about you taking cod liver and zinc. Just wondering if you have seen any impro
  9. I messaged you but because of your age I would think your hairloss would be due to a deficiency of something or because of a certain medication(or something along those lines). A treatment for those types are probably different from ones that would help someone like me who inherited it but I'd still like to know what worked for you.
  10. I have some Saw Palmetto in my cabinet that I was going to start taking. I looked up stuff about it online before but I saw a lot of mixed reviews. I'll have to look it up more since I'm not sure how much to take.
  11. This post makes me want to get on propecia asap. Their was a post before about acne and baldness where I was recomended to try propecia. For some reason I've always had this feeling that if I do start taking propecia my acne will get better. It sucks being 19 and already signs of baldness. Excuse my language but it's pretty much bullshit...doesn't feel good at all. My life would completely change if I could kill 2 birds with one stone. Edit: Maybe I should of read the who post instead of skimm
  12. lol That videos not cool...
  13. I've been taking 200mcg of chromium for a few weeks now and I've noticed I feel a little funny after I take it. I also take zinc and cod liver oil which I have been taking for a few weeks before I started chromium. Anyone else get a slight weird feeling after taking chromium? I take zinc and chromium right after I eat supper. Today I didn't take the chromium and I never got the weird feeling. The feeling is not real bad and I can't really explain it. A few weeks after I started cod liver and zin
  14. Yea that def helps. Thanks. I might just add a little flaxseed here and there for now but up it later on. For some reason I had a weird random breakout a few days ago and I don't want to add more stuff everytime I breakout thinking it will help like I've been known to do. After taking cod liver oil and zinc for a few weeks any big pimple that I got only got less then half the size they normaly would get. Then they would go away/come to a head pretty fast as well as the smaller pimples I get fr
  15. I totaly forgot that I asked about taking flaxseed oil while taking cod liver oil a few pages back. lol I used to take flaxseed oil for only about 2 weeks before I started cod liver oil. While I was taking it I had more bowel movments. I looked it up a little and I saw that it helps clean the colon and what not. I've been wanting to try some kind of colon cleansing kit but I'd much rather let my healthier diet do the job over time. I was wondering if it would be ok to take both oils to the full