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  1. Hi! (I moved this as hardly anyone views the lounge) This site is amazing and I do not want to take any credit away from it, but sometimes the messages are slow and I was wondering if anyone wanted to talk/call/video call on whatsapp or another messaging app. A fake account is fine, no names, or numbers, or personal information need to be shared. It would be great if I ( and others ), could chat one-to-one, or many at a time about things and troubles and about casual things, skin care tips a
  2. Hey!!! I hope you are well!! I'm sorry if I have missed something, but I have just read some of your early posts and I am replying to hopefully help a little about them ( if you have not already solved them ). You mentioned that you had dry and flakey skin, and hoped that it would go away soon. It will not go away until after you finish, your oil glands will be shrinking. I suggest a friendly, fragrance free, thick, moisturiser. Make sure to use moisturiser when your skin is still a little wet,