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    Tampa, but moving to the UK soon :)
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    Hey peeps! My name is Tanya, I live in florida and i've been in the cosmetics industry since i was 15. acne has taken me on a roller coaster since i was a teen, high ups on clear days and low downs on breakouts, the usual story. hit me up on MSN if you would like to vent or chat some time<br /><br />cioa
  1. hey you.. thanks for saying hi :(

  2. Tanya_19

    Diane 35

    thanks for your story. I also experienced irregular heart beats on Diane 35, but luckily it went away after a few days. it's good to know you put your health before your skin. wise decision.
  3. ive been on BC and the regimen for almost 2 years now, i would of had no more than 1 spot a month during then. i just had a recent breakout, very bad. has anyone else had something similar? I did change cleansers about 6 weeks ago, but my skin tolerated it just fine.
  4. Tanya_19

    My little adventure :)

    Boring boring Florida....
  5. Tanya_19

    Diane 35

    has anyone noticed a change in their sex drive after taking diane 35? if so, did everything balance back out after a while, or did you end up coming off it?