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  1. Its probably a good face wash but it does not say its for the treatment of acne anywhere I may be wrong Also these so called Mens faces wash are usually near shaving creams in stores and over priced (OMO)
  2. Wonder if Tea Tree Oil is non-comedogenic and won't cause any further breakouts So basically it replaces the BP for killing Bacteria. I don't have to worry about red spots or marks since my skin colors not fair. What I don't get is why facial cleansers are not enough, I guess using a facial cleanser then using BP or TTT makes it continue to kill bacteria thorugh the day
  3. This is a facial cleanser no? I looking for something to replace BP gel but will try this item above to replace my facial cleanser I will also try just putting the BP on at night. Wonder if I don't use it in the morning if it will be ok and still keep me from breakouts with 2 face washes, 1 night BP gel and 2 a day Natures cure
  4. Well in short I have been on a routine of taking Natures Cure and using Dan's BP Gel after washing my face once in the morning and once at night. This has been working very well for me. I went from maybe 2-4 pimples a week to none. No side effects that bothersome either with pills or gel. Other than that the BP Gel has been bleaching my clothes. I even tried just applying the BP gel higher up on my face and not on my chin or neck so it does not touch any of my collars. But when the BP gel ruins
  5. I've been taking the pills for several months now. I also see a big diffrence. I also do not use the BP that it comes with but use Dans BP Gel. Looking for alternative now though getting tired of my nice clothes getting bleached Try the pills they work, I almost have no acne now from very moderate.
  6. Someone has to have a recommendation for online site to purchase items
  7. Looking to order Differin Gel Online. What is the best place to purchase it? Prefered non prescription required Thanks WRXSTi04
  8. I don't know, but I use azelex in the am, and taz in the pm...been doing it for years (although I used to use retin-a but switched to taz). I normally don't have any problems, but if my skin starts to get irritated, I usually back off a few days on one product or both... But, I usually can use both products consistently and my skin is perfectly clear right now...but I still get a zit on occassion.
  9. First off all this company that makes "Fairglow" is so fired. They said " Wash off with clear water." WTF is a clear water. Secondly I would never buy any product that does not list its ingredients. Thirdly there website was made by a 13 year old with front page. Anyways I use Purpose since my Dermatlogist recommended it. I think I might switch to something less drying.
  10. got scam written all over it. Also thats the most poorly made website I have seen. Looks like it was made on Front Page Tyrell developed the Z-Stick to treat acne. The Z-Stick eliminates the bacteria that cause acne with none of the side effects commonly experienced when treating acne with chemicals, as well as making the blemish disappear more quickly. My Azz [-X
  11. Anyone know the turn around time of foods effects on acne. I seem to be breaking out randomly and it is something I am eating so I am trying to figure out the time between eating a food that causes the acne and it appearing. Anyone have an idea? Also a list of foods you think or do cause acne? I weight lift and have been taking Glutamine but not sure if that is the reason. Thanks
  12. I ordered a 2 head Acne Lamp today. I will take before and after pictures for those who are skeptical. I figure its worth a try all I have to lose is my shipping payment for the item since it has 90 day money back. Hope it works /