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  1. klessard

    Nose all red

    Someone posted on Nov 5th, hence why I thought it was still relevant. My bad...
  2. Make sure you're exfoliating regularly too! (with a gentle, oil free one)
  3. klessard

    Accutane 2nd time at 28, female

    Accutane was my last resort....I'm thankful I never had to take it, because it's so harsh on your body. Have you ever tried Unblemish? That was the last topical product I vowed I would use before going to the dermatologist for something (whether it be antibiotics, etc) and surprisingly, it actually worked. Took 5 months of patience but I have clear skin now. I'd recommend it to anybody <3
  4. Most likely hormonal - not even necessarily related to your period, but related to the stress hormone coritsol. Are you an easily stressed/anxious person? My acne was cystic and similar to yours...it flared when I was very anxious (which is basically all the time, lol), but didn't notice too much of a change around my period. I'm not sure I would do the peel, as that sounds like it might be harsh on your skin (and any irritation can cause further acne) Give the Retin-A a try and see how it goes. Just make sure to have a good moisturizer and stay out of the sun.
  5. klessard

    At a loss and need some help

    I really don't think your acne is bad enough to go on Accutane...let that always be your last resort. Where do you live? I'd give the regimen Unblemish a shot. It was my "last hope" before going to the dermatologist and getting put on anti-biotics. Figured it wouldn't work (just like nothing else had) but it did. Took 5 months but my skin is complete clear
  6. I would give it a chance for at least a month...if 0 improvement, then time to re-evaluate. I'm sorry you're experiencing a purge...it's tough to ride it out
  7. That is so odd that you never saw healing! I did experience this, but I had a chemical burn from BP so luckily time (and laying off the BP) helped. Are you able to see your dermatologist to ask why it's taking so long to heal?
  8. klessard

    Is this rosacea?

    Not sure if it would be roascea; could just be irritation from acne. What products are you currently using?
  9. klessard

    Acne wash burned my skin (please read)

    It sounds like a chemical burn...I had used too much BP and it caused my skin to burn, turn super red, peel, hurt like a sunburn, etc. But it did heal within a couple weeks....how long have you been dealing with this? Did you ever get to see a derm?
  10. klessard

    Nose all red

    If it hurts, it sounds like it could be a cyst underneath the skin...did you find out?
  11. I don't see a problem with it! If it helps the dryness and doesn't make you break out, go for it
  12. Honestly...it can't hurt to try. I myself tried it - it didn't make my acne worse, but it didn't help either. (Not to say it won't work for you - just my personal experience) Just be aware that the ingredients that make soap lather can be harsh and very drying on the skin. Good luck!
  13. klessard

    I've quite literally tried everything

    I messaged you! <3
  14. klessard


    ^^I wouldn't be linking acne to the lungs and liver.. I know a lot of people notice an improvement in acne when they cut back on dairy and sugar. Dairy wasn't an option for me, but luckily I found something that helped my cystic acne.
  15. klessard

    How long for improvement with severe acne?

    Took me 5 months once I found the right products. It's hard, but patience will pay off.