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  1. klessard

    How I Cleared My Skin

    That's awesome! So happy you finally figured out what works for your skin! Thanks for sharing
  2. klessard

    Its The Water! Wish I Knew 25 Years Ago!

    That's amazing!! Good for you for sticking it out and getting to the bottom of it. I'm so happy your acne is clearing up and your face feels better! Thanks for sharing; very interesting.
  3. klessard

    Help. Advice needed!!

    Could be hormonal. I know going on the birth control pill did help me somewhat.
  4. Ouch! That looks like contact dermatitis or atopic dermatitis. I had the same issue with the skin around my eyes- it turned out to be dermatitis, I had an allergic reaction to an eye cream I was using. I used hydrocortisone cream 2x a day for a week and it cleared up. You can purchase it at any drugstore; start with 1%. Good luck; I know how bad that hurts!
  5. klessard

    Acne scar

    Of course it's possible to heal. How long have you been dealing with this? What's your current treatment?
  6. klessard


    Glad you had the regimen work for you! That's awesome! Maybe now that you've got your acne under control, you could cut back to using the regimen once a day...that may help reduce the redness. Good luck!
  7. Good question - I've wondered the same thing myself. I got chemical burns from their BP, but didn't find the current BP I'm using to irritate my skin at all (and it's the same percentage).
  8. klessard

    The acne.org regimen

    Personally, I would follow the regimen as they outline...otherwise you may not see changes/improvement.
  9. klessard

    Problem with Regimen?

    Dryness from the BP. It is possible you are using too much, so try cutting back a bit on the amount and see if that helps - and lots of moisturizer (a non-comedogenic one of course)
  10. klessard

    week 3 on acne.org

    They say to give it 6-8 weeks before you can make a decision of whether it works or not. Personally, with what I use, it took 5 months to see completely clear skin (but I was seeing results which is why I stuck with it) Sounds like you're experiencing what they call a 'purge' - which is bringing everything to the surface faster. Wait it out and give it another 2-3 weeks...if nothing changes (not even slightly), then I'd say it's safe to try something else. Good luck, I hope you see some results! Very frustrating.
  11. klessard

    BP too drying

    I found the same thing with the acne.org BP. My skin was red, raw and flaky (and HURT). They recommend using too much, so I'd recommend cutting back on the amount (and to once a day) until you skin is comfortable/back to normal. Then increase to twice a day, but only use a pea size amount.
  12. I wouldn't suggest diet advice...that could be unhealthy for the user.
  13. klessard

    Whether to start Accutane

    Accutane would be my absolute last resort...it's really harsh and has tons of side effects, so unless it's cystic or severe, I would stay away to be honest. Have you ever tried Unblemish? That was the only product that worked for me - you name it (over the counter) I've tried it. While I was waiting to get in to the dermatologist to get on antibiotics, I tried Unblemish, and shockingly enough, it worked. Never did see the dermatologist
  14. klessard

    Hyperpigmentation or permenant scars?

    Pretty sure it will fade, but it will take awhile.
  15. klessard


    How long have you been on your current treatment? If you see some progress, I'd stick with it...it took me 5 months to get completely clear skin. So if you see a bit of improvement, stick with it (as hard as it is!)