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  1. i was just wondering even though it has bismuth oxycloride in it i still wanted to see if anyone here had tried it liked to disliked it ?
  2. i hateeeeeeeeeeeeeeee pur minerals i got at ulta my sons first birthday was coming so i thought of trying a new mineral makeup with full coverage which was good with this but man it was horrible i was breaking out a little the time but this piece of s*** just gave me big painful pimples and it took me a year to clear up my skin and spots anywho hope this review helpssssssssssss and just for info i have used almost evey mineral makeup from bare to everyday to aubrey to joppa to signature etc a
  3. this moisturizer is amazing i am the oily skin kind that can never use a moisturizer either to oily breakouts from almost all of em but this is awsome more vibrant skin clearer skin and no breakoutssssssss it stinks but i guess it has no fragnance thats why thanks for the people who reviewed it .
  4. i have hated it i just dont wana waste my money on store brands but anywho i hated the color no coverage at all and too much bismuth.
  5. hi i have this cream i havent used it long enough to tell if it will really work or not but yeah i used it for almsot 2 weeks didnt see much going i know i didnt wait long enough but i didnt like it that much i like sensiclear acne lotion with retextra (i just use thier lotion not the system)
  6. hi well i used everyday minerals for a while and when i realized it makes me look older so i switched to department store one(i still use it sometimes) then it came to me that i have aubrey nicole minerals which before i didnt like (i dont know why) and now i should give a go aagain so i did and i think i like aubrey moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee now at least its not fake and caky smooth after a while it sets better so count me in Aubrey usersssssssssssssssss
  7. coz it made me look 10 yearrs older cakey i just didnt like it anymore even though i loved it in the begining but im loving origins powder foundation in light spice its awsome in day light night like blue red white yellow it looks good and makes my pores tiny as possible love it
  8. well i saw it on thier website although i have stopped using their foundation but i like thier brushes and so i ordered the wipes too and so far i like em specially the lipstick it removes it prety well .
  9. i i have oily skin and i have been using origins reflection perfecrtion and i havent broke out or anything. i like the coverage and stays on pretywelll so far i really like this stuff.
  10. hahha well im laughing at me and so might u all i have to carry everything i love rather then what i need well i carry lip pencils - 6 eyebrow pencil lipstcik mascara and primer face primer concealer brush blush brush powder brush eyeshadow brush powder foundation finishing powder powder blush eyeshadow everyday minerals blotting sheets thats it not much heheheh oh and i only use my lipstick and lip pencil to touch up coz as of now the products im using dont melt off
  11. hi well i just started using origins products and one by one im loving em so i thought id give thier eyeshadows a go and alone thier great but with thier lid underwear it stays on all day and the color appears more true .(i have really oily skin and oily eye lids )i like the nude kind they have one with a litte slivery type underwear too so its up to ur choice hope this helps good luck
  12. i have been using dr bronners tea tree liquid cleanser (for about 4 months now )and so far i love it for the first week it did dry my skin but no peeling or flaking but after a week that goes away to just plain fresh skin deep cleaned no scrubs required but i still use a scrub once a week or maybe once in two week. hope this helps
  13. well i think u should go with ivory ur quit fair (as for me i have used every color they have) i was crazy about this everyday minerals too(now i llove thier new synthetic brushes ) but i thought it made me look 5 years older then i am (25 rt now and it made me look 30or maybe more) even though my acne at this time is like urs i have less visible scars now anywho if u do not decide to use this makeup u can try origins i switched to it 2 months ago it hasnt broke me out infact i tried thier li
  14. sounds interesting! Becos I've tried lancone. estee lauder and maybelline, and I end up with smudged undereye. Maybe I will give origins a try. yeh u should belive me the brand names ive listed and from these brands ive tried all kinds but non work like this and i think ill be keeping this for a while now and if u do get it as for the duo it comes with the primer or what u call it or just buy the mascara alone for i think 13 bucks by the way it all started with origins my firend lov
  15. this mascara beats all that i have tried no clumps truly i have two from clinique full n soft loreals 3 of em 2 from cover girl and este lauders 3 of em from all of these brands and different kinds fromem but nothing has worked liked this.
  16. Uh oh! Im allergic to pollen in the air too. Im not sure about other plants though
  17. well i need suggestions i have old navy jeans like em but i recently lost 4 lbs and now im 112lb and it doesnt fit right and theres only one that fits on my waist so it can hang in there hehe anyways plz tell me where can i buy nice fitted jeans
  18. i personally like guys with Plastic rather then metal color black shape rectangle (i love rectangle shape since it seems to look good on almost every face shape) good luck u can try bebe brand they have really nice ones the ones with half plastic and half metal love those too(im a girl though)
  19. i get em threaded and yes its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better then waxing i hate the shape that wax gives my eyebrows the only thing is that it doesnt last as long as waxing but its cheaper too so u can get it again in the same cost where i get it don they charge 8 or 9 bucks for upper lips and eyebrow both and as for what it is its just using thread to cut and shape the brow at the same time i personally dont think that it hurts more or less but it does but what i like about the lady that doe
  20. i just bought it in medium it might be a little to dark for me but since i wear honey in almost every other brand i thought id give a go so i dont wana use it till i get some reviews so anyone use this b4 plz reply how is it does it cause breakouts ?
  21. have u tried cliniqued perfecly real compact itz really good i also like origins silk screen powder but this one givees sheer coverage
  22. well theres murad which doesnt work for many people i have personally used Clear.Now its worked great for 6 months sensiclear is good i heard i havent used the whole kit but i do use thier sensiclear acnefree treatment with retextra lotion and it works great i use it only in the morning but i think its meant to be used twice a day anyways i have used MD formulations adult and teen kit i found teen kit to be more effective then the adult one i have used La Rochay Posay cleanser , se
  23. spot treat it with tea tree oil 2x a day everyday and dont give up i have those kinds of pimples too like the ones that are hard and painful but since i started doing this (3 months now) wow it works great the big pimple goes away in about 5 days so try it good luck
  24. that is so true i tired both and yupe its more like tinted moisturizer then foundation by the way did u break out from it?
  25. yes uve guessed right but no its not bad i had some concerns with tto too but with time (over 3 months of use now) i know how it works yes keep using it and i would recommand u spot treat two times a day with a q tip and if u have sensitive skin then once a day and if u want u can mix it with ur lotion or moisturizer like 2 drops lotion and 4 drops tea tree oil i use my sons medicine dropper so its exact but this portion works actually and other wise keep using it ull see the difference and ull