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  1. two weeks ago. I had a date and his eyes lit up when he saw me. Very nice
  2. It's so hard, I can totally relate. Even without seeing my ex with a new girl, sometimes it's all I can do to keep from calling him and begging him to come back. But I guess I really do want him to be happy, so if he does find someone, I wish him luck. I haven't been divorced, but I'm definitely at the age where I dread having people ask me about my love life and if I've found "someone special" yet. It's hard not to give up hope, but I don't think you let your one shot go. No real advice, j
  3. Thanks. I know it seems strange that the pill would cause this so soon, but I'm breaking out with the exact same types of pimples and in the same locations as I did before I started the pill. I've only got a few more days til my period starts so I'll wait til then. Thanks!
  4. That's what I figured, and what i got from reading the pills website. *stupid* me for stopping the pill without really thinking about it, I know.
  5. Ok so earlier this month I decided to stop my hormonal bc for various reasons: basically i was no longer in a relationship and tirrreeeddd of taking a pill daily the minute the clock struck 10. Now my face is breaking out again and I havent changed anything besides the pill. Oh yea, and the stress of ending a relationship. But if its due to the pill, I'd much rather restart the pill than break out. Problem is, right now I'm in the middle of my cycle. Do I have to wait til the beginning of
  6. Oh I used to pick those too, and the scabs did look unbearable under makeup. I would suggest not giving up and searching this site for some info. There's lots of good stuff here. My advice would be to try icing the pimple (wrapping the ice in paper towel) and applying neosporin cream at night. That has helped me in the past.
  7. How often do you clean your brushes?
  8. Are you sure that its the cetaphil and not your experimental moisturizers? Also, four days seems pretty fast to cause a cyst...
  9. Which regimen are you talking about?
  10. In my opinion, moisturizers don't cause an "initial breakout" because that would imply purging of the pores and no more breakouts to follow (such as with a retanoid). I've never used Dan's moisturizer, but if you get a breakout it most likely won't be an initial one, it just means that moisturizer is not right for you. That being said, give a new product time. If you get a zit after using a product for one day, the two are most likely not related.
  11. OK mostly because of this thread I finally went without makeup in front of my bf in the daylight. For the first time in 11 months. As terrifying as it was, it was so freeing.
  12. About the humidity, I live in Houston (aka a swamp) and could not be more pleased with the intensive formula. It holds up really well when I sweat, and I find it doesnt make me oily. It's wonderful.
  13. I would give it 3 months, but then switch if its still terrible for you. Different pills will work for different people--some people have great experiences with low hormones, others find the higher hormone pills work better for them. I think it's all a bit trial and error, but one thing's for sure, if you stress out about it, your skin won't get better.
  14. I was wondering if anyone here has used this with birthcontrol. I usually break out in the 2-3 days between the day I start taking the placebos and the day I start my period. I'm gonna try it this month, so if anyone's interested I'll post my observations