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  1. Hi All, After 3 years of fighting with acne, they went away by themselves, for the most part. Unfortunately, what's left is my greasy face. It isn't as bad as it used to be, but at the end of the day, my face gets really greasy. When I try to use a moiturizer, it is even more greasy, or so it looks (I guess the oil doesn't come from my skin then, but from the moisturizer, but it still looks shiny). Is there anything I can do to reduce my face's oiliness? Thanks, Crusader
  2. DEATH - Leprosy Bodies deformed way beyond belief Cast out from their concerned society Flesh contorting day after day Freak of the dark world is what the people say Their lives decay before their eyes There is no hope of cure Among their own kind they live A life that's so obscure First an arm and then a leg Deterioration grows Rotting while they breathe - Death comes slow Leprosy will take control and bring you to your death No chance of a normal life to live just like the rest Leprosy will
  3. Probably, my derm has told me never to put on sunscreen on my face... in fact, he told me not to put ANYTHING on my face, apart from my SA regimen. He even forbid me to put a moisturizer on my face... So, I would suggest to not tan, and not put anything on the face. If you really HAVE to tan, then i guess you will have to put sunscreen on... and yes, it does make acne worse in general... although in some people it improves them.
  4. Wow, your site was really useful... can you please describe your acne? I mean, what type of acne do you think your regimen works with. If you want to take something from my regiment, then this would be it: scrub your face with a cotton makeup removal pad, before applying the toner. It helped me A LOT. I know it is very unorthodox, but an EXCELLENT dermatologist told me this, and he even told me to wash my face 3 times a day (when my face was at its worst). So, try to do it for a week, if you sti
  5. I have a problem. I ran out of my astrigent (if that is the right word) from Serbia. So now I need to find a substitute here in Canada. The astrigent I had was very simple, it had only 3 ingredients: alcohol, SA (between 1% and 2% I am not sure how much exactly), and a third ingredient, which no one has heard of here... i even wrote the chemical formula, but no, the pharmacists have never heard of it. It is not an antibiotic or anything fancy. In latin, it is "Benzoae tincturae", because we use
  6. I listen to mostly power/progressive metal... But, you HAVE to check this band out, well it is more like a project than a band... it is a metal/rock opera... it has 10 singers and various musicians. Make sure you read the lyrics too. Ayreon - The Human Equation
  7. I just want to tell you why she gets angry when you suggest a medicine or something. When my mom tries to tell me what to do about acne, I flip out because: 1) She is not a dermatologist, and even they don't know much sometimes 2) Why does she think that she knows more about acne than me, who have had it and researched it for years? The worst is when she sees my face deteriorating (by staring at it) and then asks "what regimen are you on now"? Why does she think that I cannot see that my face is
  8. I don't think you screwed up, if she liked you, she wouldn't have cared how you told her that you like her, I mean imagine that she did that to you, you would have been so happy that she likes you, and wouldn't care on the delivery.... The problem in this world is that girls are usually the chosers, and the guys need to meet many girls before one likes them... which defeats the whole purpose of love... sad... No really, you did the right thing, maybe a conversation would have been better, but I
  9. So how did it end up? Did she reply to the email? I, and probably a 1000 different males have the same problem, only I haven't made a move yet. I am really interested what she will say, and whether she will want to stay friends with you. It is a bit ironic, isn't it, when a guy appreciates a girl more than as a sex object, he is afraid to ask her out because he might lose the friendship, and hence he has no success with proper women, only with sex objects, and then we end up being shovinistic
  10. Yes... at the end of the day, acne is not a life threatening disease.... Donate it to something more serious. Well done btw, for being such a principal person. Stay that way!