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  1. Hi, everyone. I have a question... In my area, the cashier in my doctor's office told me that they have the fraxel SR1500 (re:store), but he said i still need to put the blue dye on my face when going through the procedure. I called another day, and the nurse overthere said the same thing.. I know one of benefits of the re:store machine is without using the blue dye..., so i'm wondering why is that? Thanks
  2. same thing for fraxel. all what they show you is just the same set of photos from the manufacturer few years ago. The doctors who have fraxel in my area are trained to say exact the same thing. No downtime, no side effects... only 3 days of redness.. safe for all skin type. Come on, now we all know that even fraxel can cause hyperpigmentation, the redness can last much more longer than THREE DAYS. PLEASE DON'T LIE!!
  3. Is this a good idea to take antibiotic right after the treatment to help avoid inflammation?
  4. If i remember correctly, antibiotic makes your skin so sensitive to the light. You need to avoid sun exposure after taking antibiotic because you will get sun burn easily . Since IPL is an Intense light treatment, i think you should avoid taking them (antibiotic/IPL treatment) at the same time.
  5. Getting any better? i'm concern about you. Good Luck
  6. I feel so depressed because i have the same problem too. Will Fraxel treat the raised skin/tissue? The raised area is soft and white. I think that's the overgrown of collagen. Will the raised area reduce its size and return to normal skin tone later? Please help!!
  7. Are these photo's of you? You had great results if they are. I didn't receive any results. But maybe that's because I had Fraxel 1 and the doc was scared to go over 20, even though I begged. Who was your doc? How many passes, setting on the machine? Thanks i've seen these photos online. could coincidentally be the poster, but i doubt it.