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  1. Hi Girls- Sounds like things are *interesting* for you guys. Things have been the same here. I saw the derm last week, and I've been upped to 60mg (30mg BID). He said that I only had two active spots, but I had like 5 other scabby spots, which he yelled at me for. I was told to avoid mirrors, so I don't pick at them. Cha right! Avoid mirrors? I don't think so! I'm still very dry, but am still getting some cysts coming through. I'm sure I'll re-break out once I start the twice daily dosi
  2. Scooby- I'm so glad that you liked the Neutrogena Ultra Sheer. I used it myself this weekend on my face (so very needed now that I am on Accutane) and it worked really, really well! I have the SPF 55. Now I just need to use it on the rest of my body - lesson learned!!
  3. Hi Cali and Pippi- It sounds like you guys had a good Memorial Day weekend. I, too, had a VERY hard time staying out of the sun. How could I not? I was at the beach! Sadly, though, I got a farmer burn. Not a farmer tan, a farmer burn. Sexy. I noticed that I got color A LOT faster than I have in the past. Guess it's the Accutane. I also drank a little too much this weekend, but again, c'mon! I was at the beach! I'm sure my derm won't agree... Maybe better left unsaid! Well, I to
  4. Cali- Thanks for the shout! You're a pretty small girl, so 40mg/day should be enough for you. I wouldn't let your derm increase it too much. I guess the package insert says the dose should be 0.5-1.0x your weight in kg. So to me, it sounds like your dose is good. Stick with it, it'll all be worth it in the end! I'm only on day 31, and the only difference I seem to notice is that my face is totally dried out. That's great, but for some reason, I'm still getting pimples! Weird! And the g
  5. I visited the derm yesterday and asked the same question! I'm going to the beach for Memorial Day weekend (hello hat and sunscreen!) so needed a suggestion. I asked him what I could use that is a) inexpensive, b) powerful, and c) won't make me break out. His immediate response was, "I haven't found any sunscreen that doesn't cause at least some degree of break out." Swell. He said what he found that works best in his clinical experience is Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Sunscreen. He gave me a lit
  6. Hey Cali- Just came across your blog and wanted to reply! Sounds like things are going well for you. I've been on Accuatane since April 17. One of my good friends is a derm and this is a couple of things he told me. If your doc wants to up your dose, let him! I know the idea of added side effects isn't too appealing, but here's the rationale. If you're put on too low a dose, you not only run the risk of the treatment not being as effective as it could be, but you also run a higher risk of
  7. Hi Routhman- Here's my take... I've NEVER needed a moisturizer because my skin has always been so oily. I started 'Tane on April 16, a month ago, and had to finally go out and actually buy some face lotion. Because my skin is finally starting to dry out, I've been using moisturizer twice a day, in the morning, and before bed. But honestly, up until now, I didn't find it necessary. I think if you feel your face is dry and flaky when you wake up in the morning, you should try using it at night
  8. Hi Freedom and Bateman! Just wanted to give you guys an update on how things are going. I am starting Month #2 tomorrow (May 17) and I have seen some progress in the first month. First off, I'm as dry as a popcorn fart! I love it! Seriously, I actually had to go out and buy face lotion for the first time in my life yesterday. I saw my derm for my monthly visit yesterday and he suggested Neutrogena Healthy Defense SPF 30. I had a bit of an IB, but since I was expecting it, I didn't get
  9. Hey Nothing Works- Went to my dermatologist today and here's what he said. There's not much in terms of spray on moisturizers. He doesn't feel there is one moisturizer that is really better than the other, but he recommends Cetaphil and Neutrogena. Since I am headed to the beach next weekend for Memorial Day, he gave me a sample of Neutrogena Ultra Sheer SPF 55. He said for me (b/c I'm on Accutane) that nothing less than 30 SPF is strong enough for my skin. He also said that he doesn't feel
  10. NothingWorks - I'm looking for a good moisturizer. OMG, it's so weird to even say that. I've had such oily skin for so long, that I've never needed a moisturizer. I know you said that you don't like to touch your face after applying it, but do you feel it's an overall good moisturizer to use? What do you mean that you don't like touching your face after applying it? Now that summer's coming too, I need one with a little SPF in it. I see my Derm for my one month Accutane visit tomorrow morn
  11. I'm nearly 31 and have been dealing with this since I was 23. I had the skin of a baby all through high school and am being forced to deal with acne as an adult. After years of topicals, gels, creams, rx washes, lotions, potions, and rx antibiotics, my dermatologist (who has the skin of a 2 year old btw) finally agreed to put me on Accutane. As much as the side effects suck, I'm in it for the long haul, and am praying for great results. I'm in sales, which is horrifying for someone who has t
  12. Hi Freedom and Bateman! Thanks for the info. It's nice to have a place to talk to other people about this. Especially since I'm older and my friends have (luckily) outgrown this phase. So I took my fourth pill today and still nothing. I know I shouldn't expect miracle results in four days, but I feel as though I've waited so long just to get to this point, that I'd like to see some results! As for the dryness, I am actually going to welcome it. I've been so oily for so long, that it'll be
  13. Hello Everyone! I just started Accutane on Tuesday of this week. I was started at 40mg/day. I wanted to thank you all for the great information you have posted. It has helped me to make the decision to use this drug to finally clear up my adult-onset acne. I am 30 years old, had wonderful skin during high school, and then all of a sudden started getting acne in my mid-twenties. My derm has been wonderful in helping me get to this step, however, I was surprised at all the hoops a woman has