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  1. The chemical peels do help after your face finishes peeling. THey help to smoothen out the skin making scars less visible. By the way I don't personally tell people that I am not home, I have my brother or one of my parents tell them.
  2. Hey eveyone, Well it's just one of those days when I don't feel like seeing or talking to anyone. I have quarantined myself to my house and refuse to leave for any reason. Whenever anyone calls for me I make the excuse that I am sleeping or I'm not home. :^o I didn't go into work on Thur., Fri. or even today. I don't want any of my coworkers to see me like this. I don't know what is more embarrassing, having acne or having visible signs of treatment. Have any of you ever been embarrass
  3. I have had thoughts of suicide quite frequently. I have suffered with acne for about seven years and am growing tired of it. It is kind of funny that I never really thought about suicide in high school. I guess because I was part of a team and had lots of friends. Finally, acne took over my life, I began avoiding friends and social situations. Right now in my life I think about suicide more and more. I think about how I wasted opportunities because of acne and how I let it control my life. The f
  4. I also hate it when people that never had a pimple in their life tell you, " maybe you should wash your face more", or "Use those Oxy pads". "Stop eating so much junk food", the list of qoutes just keeps on going. Every time someone would tell me that sh*t I would just shy away and say "yah, maybe I should try that". I even had my grandpa tell me "When are you going to do something about that stuff on your face". It just tears me up inside when I know I have a skin disorder then people just have