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  1. I've used the BP before and i've never had a reaction to it. The BHA was fine as well, the problems only started when I started using them both at the same time. I'm not allergic to aspirin either.
  2. Can't say i've heard of it, but i'll do some research! Thanks.
  3. I really want to fade the red scars left on my face after a spot has gone. I was always told 'don't pick your spots or you'll get scars!' So I didn't. But I still got scars. Huh?! What a rubbish piece of advice that was! I've tried bio-oil, but to be honest, it was really greasy and didn't soak into the skin. Has anyone been successful with anything?
  4. Ouch! Ok, I tried alternating them, using BHA one night and BP the next. Trouble is, when I used the BP, for the first time ever it really stung my face! And I have 3 new spots. Grrr.
  5. Hey, does anyone know if the saying 'it'll get worse before it gets better' applies to acne treatments? Since I started using my Paula's Choice products at the beginning of last week, more spots have started to come up over the last couple of days. Someone please tell me it'll work eventually!
  6. Yes, I got my Paula's Choice products a couple of days ago. Obviously I need to give it some time to work, but I did notice that after using the lotion once, my skin felt a lot softer! As for a shot, I'm definately going to see if I can get that over here!
  7. Thanks guys. I just got my Paula's Choice BHA 2% liquid. Is it ok to use underneath the BP gel or should I alternate them?
  8. I was thinking about stage make-up, but I tend to melt as soon as I go out in the sun so I don't know if it would be so heavy that it would start running down my face! Kel - It's ok, i'm in England too!
  9. Thanks! I've tried loads of different antibiotics, but I have to say i've never heard of Bactrim/Septra DS so i'll mention it to my dermatologist and see what she says! Goats milk soap sounds interesting. I'll see if I can find some.
  10. I was just reading through Dan's regimen and I noticed that the benzoyl peroxide he uses is 2.5%. But, after looking to see how much it was to buy in England, I found out that it was mostly sold at 10%! (over the counter, not prescription only). So do I use a 2.5% or a 10% gel? I'm confused! Compared to what everyone seems to be using here, 10% seems too much to be putting on the skin. Any ideas?
  11. Unfortunately it's already been ordered, but I think the 2% will be fine. I've used so many lotions and potions on my skin (between 0.1 - 1%) that my doctor has told me can dry the skin and irritate it, but they never have. I must be immune to them! Although, that's not good, cos they never work! Grrr. My doctor gave me some fucidin ointment 2% the other day, which i've been told can dry and irritate. It hasn't at all but I hate it all the same. It doesn't dry or sink in to the skin at all an
  12. No problem with that. I'm already bouncing around! I can't wait to get married!
  13. I've already been referred to a dermatologist. No luck Thanks though!
  14. Thanks everyone! I'll definately be giving some of these things a try, even the healing affirmations! I'll give anything a go once. My wonderful nan became my saviour yesterday. I'd had a look at the Paula's Choice Europe website and really wanted to give the 2% BHA liquid a go (AHA's are not legalised for general sale in Europe, so the website doesn't stock them) and the Essential Non-Greasy Sunscreen SPF 15 With Antioxidants. I told my nan about it and she offered to buy them for me, for whi
  15. I've never let my fiance see me without make-up. At the very least I have to put a bit of concealer on all my spots. I try not to look at him when I get out of bed, or I hide behind my hair before dashing to the bathroom! I know it sounds really tragic, but I just can't do it. My skin makes me feel so ashamed but I know he wouldn't care, that's the stupid thing! I just don't have the confidence. It makes me feel disgusting and unhygenic, which I know i'm not!