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  1. Hi I got several on my nose and cheeks. Fairly sure nothing I've tried has worked to close them and I now consider them scar tissue. I've noticed that larger pores have appeared where I've previously squeezed blackheads or pimples, so think this may be the cause and now wish I hadn't.
  2. Jimmyjammy is right. For some, the side-effects of accutane are uncomfortable, so need to explore it thoroughly before making a decision. Sorry to hear about the difficulties you're going through right now. I've had days when I can't contemplate seeing anyone. One thing I know is that the state of my skin changes and inflammation calms down with a regular regime and healthy diet - which it sounds like you're on - so I can look forward to a time when I have more confidence in my appearance. Wh
  3. Hi, Squeezing any spots can make the surrounding area more inflamed and obvious. Plus, this can lead to irritation and more spots. I tend to wait until the spot is as big and white as it is likely to get, which takes loads of will power, then I lance it with a needle (just pearcing the white bit from the side, not pushing right into it. You shouldn't feel anything from the needle). Usually, the contents will just come out, but sometimes it needs a gentle push. Then I dab with a tissue and wash
  4. Hi everyone, I was using BP at night for over one year. The results were really good, though I'm of an age where acne could have been due to go anyway, so can't say categorically that it was the BP. Anyway, began noticing loads of tiny bumps under the skin, similar to what others have described on this forum. About 1 month ago I stopped the BP to see what would happen. It seems that everyone of those tiny bumps has erupted into a small whitehead. There's not much inflamation and my old style a
  5. eggtooth

    Roscoe's Progress

    A before and after with Dan's regimen
  6. Hi, I've been on 3 courses of antibiotics: minocyline, oxytetrcycline and erythromycin. I was fortunate enough to experience absolutely no side-effects from either of these drugs. However, at the same time, I also saw no improvement in my skin from taking them. Perhaps, if you don't get the bad stuff you won't get the good stuff either.
  7. Hi, Just wondering what sort of success people have had with oral antibiotics. I've yet to meet any body who has had any lasting success. Myself, I've been on 3 courses without any improvement. There must be people out there for whom these things work or they wouldn't be prescibed any longer, but who?
  8. Hi, Keep working out for all the benefits it brings. If I'm experiencing a particularly mean break out I avoid prolonged periods in front of gym mirrors. Then I am able to concentrate on what I am doing and be less self-conscious. Also, when doing cardio, I avoid touching my face with hands, towel or t-shirt. I used to rub my t-shirt sleeves across my face while running or cycling and found break outs on my cheeks, forehead and jawline increased.
  9. Sounds sensible. I've just got to be more imaginative about when I apply it.
  10. "Dan's regimen, I guess you can buy this online here?? Is it sold commercially as well?" Hi, It's been a few days since your last post. I hope things are going well and that you are seeing a reduction. There is some excellent information on the Acne.org and Dan Kern's site about similar products available in the UK, which means you wouldn't have to wait too long to get started. Best of luck
  11. Hi everyone, Buffy, what type and dosage of fish oil are you taking? Brandini, what dosage of zinc are you on?
  12. Hi, I got my first zit age 14 and tried to get my mum to let me stay off school for the day. I'm 26 now and have not had a day without multiple zits. In the last 3 years the size of them has reduced, but I seem to have just as many. I'm about to start Dan's regimen and will see how things go. 27 in August and hoping they're gone by then . Just gotta keep smiling and not let it get me down .
  13. Hi, Not sure if this is the right forum for this post. I used BP a number of years ago, but found that all my clothes were bleached - usually around the neck of T-Shirts and jumpers etc. This happened even when I was super careful about applying it and waited until it was totally dry before putting my clothes on. I think a lot of the problem was sweat: as a student I rode my bike everywhere. Nowadays, I stil do a lot of exercise, but at least I go to the gym and wear separate clothes to those