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  1. Loved dans regimen but i won't be buying it anymore, simply because i cannot afford it, looking for alterntatives at the moment. Im probably missing something here but if they expanded overseas wouldn't that widen their market dramtically?, surely it's abit of a niche at the moment Because the whole reccesion is going to get worse an surely less will be spending online from the UK and EU
  2. Yep the recession has made this almost 50% more expensive for me, harshhh. Any cheaper alternatives anyone knows? because i've tried panoxyl in the past and it's just horrible.
  3. I tried boots and superdrug online but found nothing, help would be much appreciated.
  4. Is the regimen still really expensive for those who live in the uk?, becuase last time i ordered it cost me about 110 pounds, just something i couldn't afford at the moment. Cheers
  5. My advice is not great but when i ran out of cleanser, what i did was dipped my head into warm water several times to make sure you whole face has a good soak but don't scurb it with a cloth or a towel, let it dry naturally. It worked ok as a cleanser to an extent, obviously not as effective but it's the cheapest and most convienent replacement for a short period.
  6. Is it genuinely working? Like are you sure it's the potatoe and not something else?, if so i take back my first comment.
  7. I think it wil be as useful as rubbing rikishis ass on your face
  8. Wow he seems the person that would never get acne, women down here love him. Also brad pitt has the money to make his skin look flawless, wheras the average joe don't.
  9. Sounds brillant, glads it's worked for you. Do you put the AHA on after the bp?, how does that work
  10. Im currently just using water, washing my face twice a day( Dippin my head into the sink of water lolz) as i have ran out of Dkr products, and i have to say my skin just got worst, spots linger alot longer too, it's not made me break out, i just think it has done nothing, but i have only been doing it for six days.
  11. It does knock your confidence, but i mean you have to think about how your wasting precious time getting upset about it. Accutane isn't a cure as it's only apllicable to those who have severe acne, or at least i think it is.
  12. The sun makes my skin look a heck of alot better, last year when i was in spain the sun and sea water did alot for my skin, made it look more healthier, when in actual fact it probably wern't due to sun damage an that, but visually my skin doesn't seem acne aggrevated and smoother. But i can't get these benifits at the moment as english summer is a pile of piss, i feel like england is turning it's climate to finland or something.
  13. Egg fried rice, cola, other fizzy drinks and fast food im not postive but im pretty sure.
  14. How long does it typically take for dans products to arrive to uk customers? I payed for the 30 dollar international shipping it said 1-3 weeks but i've read that on here that people have waited longer due to customs etc. sorry for being a pain.