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  1. CeruleanHyena

    I think I'm on to something

    So I've tried multiple soaps in the past few weeks that seemed to help with the stinging bumps but caused whiteheads around mouth (signs of perioral dermatitis) i went back to the zinc soap but twice a day now and it's really helped the Seb derm. My pores finally look clean and for the most part stay clean throughout day. As for the stinging red bumps, I believe I was right in suspecting it to be Rosacea which is also affecting my eye. I self diagnosed then visited the derm for a prescriptio
  2. CeruleanHyena

    Not much improvement

    I came across African black soap recently and gave it a try. I've been washing my face with it every morning and continuing to use ketoconazole shampoo on scalp. The soap is okay but by the end of the day the flakes and the gunk in the pores starts creeping back up again so its not effective just like everything else I've tried so far. Also the shampoo has lost its effectiveness too. My dandruff has become worse (not flaky but rather oily, yellow and sticky) If any of you have a treatment that
  3. CeruleanHyena


    I've begun using ketoconozale shampoo again which works better then nizoral. As for my face, I'm continuing to use the zinc soap and honey masks but I'm planning to cut out the honey..Im thinking of washing with a gentle cleanser in the day and zinc soap at night or zinc soap twice a day (but I'm afraid it might be too drying) I still have Seb derm and slacking off even one day causes it to creep back up. I don't know how to get to the root of it and cure it completely. It causes my skin to be s
  4. CeruleanHyena

    Ups and downs

    My skin is still not under control. There are good days and bad days. The Seb derm is still on my face and scalp, some days worse then others. I tried the nizoral shampoo but it doesn't seem to be doing such a good job compared to the ketoconazole shampoo. I just got a new prescription for it so will begin using that again. As for facial routine, I've been washing with zinc soap every morning and honey masks at night if I'm not lazy..seems to be working out ok. i want to moisturize but sometim
  5. CeruleanHyena


    Haven't posted for a while. Happy new year!! Hope this year will be the year that I am cured of my multiple skin issues. I have been continuing to wash with the zinc soap followed by cetaphil spf 15 moisturizer in the mornings. I get lazy to do the same in the evenings which is why I feel my Seb derm is still noticeable. I also lost my ket shampoo and just ordered nizoral so will try it out as scalp dandruff is also increasing. My diet has been pretty bad also with strong cravings for sugar wh
  6. CeruleanHyena

    Another skin issue

    I think I have to add another issue in my multiple skin issues list. It is eczema. I've been getting this stinging dryness around my mouth for over two years now and initially I was suspecting an allergy to lipstick or that it was related to perioral dermatitis or most recently seborrheic dermatitis but even after treating all those conditions it's still continuing. I'm not positive as I have so many issues and they could all be connected but I'm thinking it may be eczema and maybe related to an
  7. CeruleanHyena


    It's a week since I switched over to the noble zinc soap and i can say it's definitely better then the dermazinc soap. Oily skin has reduced significantly with both soaps but I feel the noble zinc soap is doing a better job at keeping the Seb derm symptoms under control. Both soaps are a bit drying right after washing but it's manageable. Also I don't notice the stinging while applying the noble soap except in the eyes..they still sting if soap gets in there. As for the red bumps..I'm still
  8. CeruleanHyena

    Noble zinc

    So for the past two days I've been using the noble zinc bar instead of the dermazinc bar to wash my face. It's pretty much doing the same thing. Will have to wait and see if it does a better job in controlling or hopefully eliminating the Seb derm symptoms. The stinging hive like bumps are still showing up randomly :-(
  9. CeruleanHyena

    Never ending symptoms

    So I was thinking my Seb derm is improving to a point of cure and it has improved but not completely. I'm noticing flakes all over face again which is concerning. I think maybe I should wash with the zinc soap twice a day..maybe that should kill this damn yeast! As for my other skin issues, they are also getting worse. The raised red bumps are showing up more often and maybe associated withmy diet which is pointing toward Rosacea as I also have always had red cheeks. Also, apart from the red b
  10. CeruleanHyena

    Red bumps

    I'm still suffering with the random stinging red bumps/hives. Some I can clearly tell are hives while some just look more like raised red bumps that don't disappear as quickly as a hive which is why I was thinking I have hives and rosacea. But then I'm experiencing them on body also. So basically I still don't know what I have and worse what's causing it. Seb derm symptoms have been better lately but the hives still pop up atleast few times a day which is so frustrating. I just hope to find s
  11. CeruleanHyena

    Dermazinc soap

    So it's been a week since I began using the zinc soap. Here are some pros and cons I've noticed so far. Pros - reduction in oily skin - Seb derm symptoms also much better such as less clogged pores and less flaky skin Cons - after washing face, skin stings and I notice a white film on the skin that I didn't notice while washing with Cerave hydrating bar. I don't know if that white film is the dandruff being pulled out or dry skin or something else - I'm noticing a red bump here and t
  12. CeruleanHyena

    Bad night

    My Seb derm was feeling better yesterday and I was feeling a little happy then overnight I ended up getting hives on my back and woke up to a single hive on cheek which I still have. It was stinging and burning all morning and it doesn't let me ignore it even if i try to. It's a red raised bump and same on my back with surrounded redness around each bump. They fit the description of hives. I just feel if one condition seems to be improving the other pops up and destroys my self esteem and hope f
  13. CeruleanHyena


    Interesting. Can you provide more info relating to acid mantle and how disrupting it may affect my skin? I used cetaphil gentler cleanser for the longest but since Seb derm it doesn't seem to clean my face as well which is why I've made the switch to bar soaps. Can you suggest any liquid cleanser that can also help fight Seb derm?
  14. CeruleanHyena

    Seborrheic dermatitis

    As i put the pieces together I've learned a lot about my skin condition and I want to share it with anyone out there who is still trying to figure out what they might have. It's the hardest not being able to put a name to a condition you're suffering with so here's what I learned about seborrheic dermatitis so far in my experience. Causes: using oils on skin eating too much sugar (both of these cause yeast overgrowth which results in Seb derm) Symptoms: -very dry peeling skin yet st
  15. CeruleanHyena


    It's been three days that I've used the dermazinc soap and my Seb derm seems much better. I still have very oily skin and still not sure how to fight that. Maybe I need to moisturize..I just seem to react to anything and everything which is why I have cut down on using all products..I wish it was as simple as one ingredient that I was allergic to so I can avoid it but it isn't so. It could also just be that my skin conditions have made my skin super sensitive so it reacts to everything. I think