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  1. i think homeopathy can dissolve scar tissue look at this study https://www.oatext.com/resolution-of-post-burn-hypo-pigmentation-and-scar-by-homeopathic-medicines.php
  2. hello everyone..i think accutane just ruined my life my history...i took accutane 10mg for 2 months..ie.60 days so nearly 600 mg in total my mild acne didnt cleared up so i stopeed this drug at 2nd month and also i didnt recieved any serious side effect at that time rather than dry lips and skin..i took accutane in may june month of this year only for two months but now from last 15 days means from november 5 i am getting weaker day by day and also i am thinking i am getting sc
  3. not good for people here....coz on threads everybody watches pics gets ideas about treatment about scars..
  4. i knew it...i will get bashed by people here...ok ok its ok....i dont have scars from acne ..i have BDD or whatever u guys say...i always replied in a great way when i see even minor scars posts...to boost their self confidence...i dont even need that just help me deleting this thread.. how to delete this thread ????
  5. i have more chicken pox scars on my nose but on other side look on side of my face there are some linear scars 3 or 4 ..they are AMVC scars..and i also have 4 black colored skin moles...nobody counts these..people here just counts if a scarring is caused by acne...doesnt matter how it looks ...people here just care about scars from acne ..i have seen people with scars even minor than me getting help and sympathy just because their scar was caused by acne and not by other disease
  6. you guys with acne scar think that only scars caused by acne are bad and no other scars look bad... its like a fatty liver from junk foods is bad for u but same fatty liver from alcohol is good do u even know what AMVC scar ????? its worst than acne scar...coz it appears scars at any placr without sny lesion or injury....all these things summing up from AMVC to chicken pox to my skin moles ...it make me feel sad and i always say ...yes most of the people here have worst scarrin
  7. in addition to chicken pox scars i also have AMVC scars(linear scars on side of my cheek can be seen in above pic) and i am also not that much good looking guy so it make me look more bad... its not neccesary only acne scars looks bad...if u are surrounded by peoples with smooth skin and u have pox scars and AMVC scars than u will feel bad
  8. Hello i already know there are people here who have more serious scarring than mine...my scarring is not bad as some people here but i neeed advice i have scars from chicken pox(on nose)AMVC scars and acne scars on my cheeks 1.do i look ugly ???? 2.are my scars bad ???? left side in indexed good lighting my face in best possible light...still scars visible when u look closely with a mirror
  9. you dont have any scars....those skin irregularities are present in everyone skin dont be sad about those
  10. what you want to say in ur 2nd para ... yes our skin look good in normal lighting and look bad in bad ighting so in which lighting people mostly see us....???? i think people see us in both lights but they dont notice our scars...remember when we were scarless we never noticed anyone scar....and now we notice every person scar
  11. exactly...people think every scar is same... no man scarring depend on level of damage ..if u have slight dermis damaged and u got an indented scar it will have pores but it will be indented .... for example rollimg scars.they have same texure of skin and have appendages but they are indented due to volume and whoever think a scar is a scar ...so tell me one thing are all eye injuries same ??? are all intestine ulcers same ???no they differ in severity if u look
  12. some scars which are not that deep have pores ...i repeat it and i can prove it. .. scars which are not that deep pores ( example some of my acne scar have pores i have seen it through a magnifying glass it had some pores ..and one of my hypertrophic scars also have pores and some hair also grows from it) pores and hair are completely absent only in true fibrotic scars like burn scars ...accidental scars
  13. i have 4 scars on nose and they are deep...i also want to know that....however from what i think that its thin there but anatomy is same...ie epidermis dermis and hypodermis so it should work
  14. thats still not fully lifted but after 3 session of single needling to that scar lifted it up to 40% or 50% ....also the scar became a bit wider.... but texture of scars sucks...as scar tissue have different fibre and collagen organisation ..even after lifting up it look diff from skin
  15. true scar tissue have different texture than skin many scar example ..rolling scars have normal texture as skin so when they lifted up you cant notice them but also many scars ..as boxcar scars ..chicken pox scars they are deep and have different texture than surrounding skin ..so even after lifting up there texture will be diff from rest of skin and that will be noticeable... sadly you cant do anything to them...pepole here will tell u that lasers and light peels will match the