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  1. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    it is SkinTe by polarityTe it promised full thickness skin regenration with appendages and they are still saying same but u can see its not complete regenration in above pic but that can also be due to as injury is too deep evem beyond skin layers and to muscles and skinTe cant regenrate muscles so maube above scarring occured due to muscle and not skin no one here have that depth injury scar i still want to see skinte only skin depth wound healing
  2. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    the leg pic looks promising always they treated this leg last year nearly april may..i dont remeber clearely though Now they shud update pics of leg as of now as these pics are from last year whatever may be skinTe will be of no use for acne scars sufferers but really this is a diff level product that leg wound have healed too bad but how that healed is really satisfying atleast to that man who had that scar.
  3. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    man yes many acne scars are just loss of some fat but some scar for eg from chicken pox are too deep which are not only loss of fat or collagen but also diff texture loss of appendages so thats what i was talking about if insulin works on that ? many scars on filling up blend totally witn skin ..reason they had same texture of skin but just indented but many scars even after filling up still look diff due to scar tissue texture ..so thats the main problem
  4. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    thats what i think scar was deep but also it was smooth and have normal skin texture means it was just lacking some fat and we know insulin promotes fat synthesis so it filled completely and scar texture was of normal skin so it completely disappeared after filling however we dont know how it will work on scars which have totally diff texture than skin so how they will look maybe completely filled but still there due to bad texture
  5. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    this is the studt of insulin on atrophy scar pics are also included in this https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC1606939/
  6. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    if people talk about FS2 like things here than i will say insulin is much much better than this reasons - its already out so no wating it can fill in a scar completely(already shown many years ago) it can prevent scarring or atleast reduce scar formation in new wounds(already shown) but nobody perform this and u know it works read researches paper on this also some pictures available of a atrophic scar completely filled so if fs2 is in scarless healing thread than why n
  7. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    research of 2017 jan no comments as we have already seen several papers like this and nothing game
  8. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    lmao fs2 will improve ur scar by 10 % or 20% ..and if saying truth is a childish act then its good to be child rather than fake adults
  9. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    scars are shit and fs2 is another type of shit
  10. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    skinte application in a wound which is only deep to skin earlier pics we have seen were of damage deep to muscles
  11. Anish004

    Best solution for my acne scars

    BEAUTIFULAMBITION will give u better advice but i want to tell you that as skin complexion is dark before and after treatment use skin lightening creams and sunscreen and expecting results to 90% is miracle but anything can happen depend on ur healing abilities and also treatments are u from india ?
  12. i will advice u to igonore this scar and live your life by treatment it can get worse and one scar ..ah nobody gonna notice that
  13. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    1.5mm diameter?? than how the hell it can heal scarlessly. i am a supporter of microcoring but 1.5mm diameter is big for healing scarlessly
  14. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    thanx for trolling me and best of luck for ur scar solution by these statements "scarless healing was seen in mice etc and also fs2 good luck
  15. Anish004

    Scarless Healing

    all these researches should retire .. tired of such articles ,fast wound healing was seen complete regenration occured all these are nonsense ....nothing gonna come seen these type of news and articles from many years,nothing came only option is to correct our scar is study become researches,research,find smthng that works,use it on ur own skin(no need of FDA for this)