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  1. one month after your last pill when the accutane is all out of the body. how odes the skin heal in terms of dryness, peeling , redenss and fragfile in terms of time?
  2. i am almost done w/ my course and after i was my face, my skin is all dry and with all the falkey white all over my face. i mosirure but i guess since i am at the end oil is all off. will this stufff fall off after ifinish , does anybaody know what i mean
  3. i was contacted by a cosmetic surgeon in sf, but i live in houston, to paritcapte in a FDA study for approval of a light theraml techology similar to clearlight that is suppose to work on more types of acne and be better. i emailed back to try to get info. so anyone who lives in san franscio for free treament call quick 415-392-3333
  4. freddie, hey, i am using cetaphil too. i just started my 13 the week. i am not 100 clear , i get a spot here and there and hope to continue to improve. my upper cheeks after i wash my skin has clumps of the white dead skin all over that looks excessive. i shouldn't of but i just washed w/ salicylic acid to exfloiate alot of that clumpy skin. i guess i need to moisture more so i don't get so much peeling. what do you think? thanks
  5. i am doing 60 mg for 4.5 months and my face has been dealing with the extreme dryness and peeling, red face and irration. after the course is finsished i was thinking about for maintance taking 10 mg a week . do you think that i would still have to deal with the side effects i am dealing with now, or the red face and extreme dryness would get better and some oil would come back .any ideas. thanks
  6. do your research first. read about the clearlight machine and read theinfo they have, and ask a doctor, too. if you find any independent info please share.
  7. i have heard that the major diff. is towards the end of treament.
  8. hi. i am taking 20 mg in the morning with a big bowl of oatmel and a glass of juice. is that ok? and 40 mg a dinner. is it better to take all at once at dinner or seperate
  9. i have been on accutane high dose for 3 months, and it seems that after i take my pill, i feel like a senastion in my face and my face gets red, and rthis makes my scars appear . has any one experienced this and does it go away after course is done and does lower dose not do this? thanks
  10. i have heard that it works for some but not for others, if improvement is seen in the first 2 weeks then it will help. questions you should ask are 1. how long after the 8 treatments is the p.acnes bacteria continues to be killed inside the pore? 2. if you get a pimple after the 8 treatments, is it smaller than before? 3. is the maintenace treaments needed to make sure the acne does not come back? i would ask these before you do it to get an idea for the long run. if you get any in
  11. anyone experience that kind of dryness that peters wrote above?
  12. it is a lactic acid sunscren moisture lotion, but it has a weird ingredient that blocks the signal in the body, that cause burning, redness, stinging, that aha's give. wierid huh, its by cosmederm
  13. i found a lamp like dermalux for th americanis the dermalux people said it sis very similar. i found it on www.bestvacuum.com undr happy0 skin lamp verilux i ask your derm about it, or domeone on the regiem know how to test p. acnes
  14. besides prevention, does it make existing ones look smaller or less red?
  15. hey dos anybody have pictures of what I here some of you are getting, white bumps under the skin and on the skin? if som please post them or email to me so i can see what you are talking about? thanks it help out alot [email protected]