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  1. I struggled through christmas, had some gingerbread and chocolate mousse icecream....amazingly did not break out. I am 100% clear(OK, I have a few small closed comedones-quickly dying off though) for the first time in 11 years... I am SO scared it's all going to come flooding back the moment I eat something wrong.
  2. There are many reasons you might have raised ALP levels, only your doctor will be able to discover why. Do you have any IBS symptoms(Other than bad digestion and yellow stools)? Higher fat diets tend to worsen symptoms, as mentioned in your original post and can cause yellow stools. An inflamed gut can cause higher than normal ALP levels and acne. Gluten is a trigger for me, as well as other things, if you haven't tried that. Low FODMAP diet should be considered if you are still interested going
  3. Hi NationalSwift, Have your stools always been on the yellow side? if so it sounds like Gilbertsons Syndrome, which is very mild genetic abnormality that effects the livers ability to handle Bilirubin (An enzyme that breaks down hemoglobin) It is pretty harmless but causes yellow stools. If your levels of bilirubin go too high you can suffer from jaundice which is a yellowing of the skin that can make you nauseous, tired, have tummy pains and weakness. I do not know if this is linked with acne
  4. Hi Jikasa, I have also been doing an elimination diet too for about 6 weeks and can easily give up dairy and gluten but I am struggling to totally rid my diet of sugar! The day after I eat sugar, I get a tonne of small pimples on my forehead. The rest of my face has cleared after getting rid of dairy and gluten and reducing sugar. I know I will be 100% clear when I kick the sugar but I too have always had an addiction. I believe that the cravings come from your gut bacteria and when you starve