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  1. http://www.advanced-art.com/Photoderm-SR.htm Anyone here experience this level of results from IPL? i can't trust pictures posted by dermatologists anymore.. Any comment? If u look over this site, all the after pictures on this site are fabulous . I am not sure if i can trust this guy..
  2. Smoothbeam is not the ultimate cure for acne scars.. U need exoderm.. It is available in the U.K , so u are all gd
  3. No.. believe it or not one peel can't clear your red marks.. it doesn't take 6 months to fade out on its own.. there are a lot of ppl on the board having redmarks from ages ago..
  4. everyone chills out.. i was just KIDDING /
  5. Dr Chu is from hong kong , so if u happen to possess a hong kong passport , u don't need a reference letter.. If you bring a person who can speak cantonese, he will give u a discount..
  6. No.. u need at least 100 peels to notice subtle improvement.. Even for TCA complex .. ONe peel doesn't do u any good . Give yourself at least 6 months to 1 year for the peeling process
  7. I think if you are chinese , you dun need a reference letter..
  8. oK .. what i really want to cler are premature wrinkles , at least the tiny ones.. Who thinks they will be gone after dermabrasion
  9. will u let Dr M to do the dermabrasion for you? I think it's better for all of you to get Dr Y to do dermabrasion soon than later..
  10. After needling , we will look as scary as them?!!!!http://www.transitionspmc.com/needling.htm
  11. u can refer it to the peeling process.. U know . my parents just dun understand my feelings about the scars.. they always say it's okay it doesn't matter u are a guy..etc I always want to have them shut up but they never will .. U know ,, b/c of scars , i dun want to get a girlfriend .. seriously . i want to get this sorted out first.. I hope by the time i am 25 , i am done with the whole issue.. I dun want to be wosen off . but i guess exoderm is what i will go for .. I seriously d
  12. Maybe TCA complex can do u some good. u know what during the healing process, my parents are VERY WORRIED ABOUT MY FACE.. they were like " what the fuck is going on with your face? Did u burn your own self on purpose?" So..