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  1. So I recently stopped using the Acne.org regimen after almost 2 months. Unfortunately, my skin and the BP was not a harmonious match. The discomfort from my dry, flaky, itching skin was becoming too uncomfortable and unsightly AND these small red pimples were beginning to appear. So my question is...what are some product lines or other regimens former users of Acne.org regimen transitioned too?
  2. The mositurizer in the regimen terribly clogs my pores. I tried the 2 pumps, then 1 pump, then 1/2 pump and to no avail. What is a good substitute moisturizer for relatively sensitive, oily skin?
  3. I noticed you all mentioned to increase my low dosage ever so slightly occasionally since my skin will get use to it...wouldnt that happen too with the recommended finger length?
  4. I began the regimen 3 weeks ago. I started with the recommended pea size once a day for the 1st week. However instead of of progressing to the full index finger in the 2nd week, I continued with the pea size due to my sensitive skin, wanting to avoid too much irritation but I did go to twice a day and have been continuing this through the 3rd week. So my question is: It is ok to stick with this low dosage of BP if I am noticing good results?
  5. I had the same fears and skepticism you're having after reading the forums, trying to be proactive while I wait on the regimen but I concluded that people either love or hate the product or theatrical lol and brought it anyways. I am nearing Week 1 and surprisingly noticing improvement, my skin can be so stubborn. I am experiencing some dryness but my skin is relatively oily so is not too bad besides the flakiness in some areas and Im assuming as my skin gets accustom to the BP, it will reside.
  6. Interesting...my acne is the same, limited to my cheeks and chin. I started the regimen last Saturday and been applying the benzoyl peroxide to my entire face but may only spot treat with it now.
  7. Nyi


    I havent used it since beginning the regimen although I want too. Going to give my skin time to get accustomed then try to incorporate it.
  8. Nyi


    Makes sense, thank you!
  9. Nyi


    Received my order today and have two questions: Can I continue to use my Clarisonic with the cleanser daily? Can I continue to use my PMD with the regimen weekly?