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  1. Hello Sibel, i feel your struggle and really hope you will see some improvements in the new year. Regarding your question on percentages, yes i had 3 rounds of TCA cross with professor chu, and he used 100% on my icepicks/boxcars. I queried the percentage as i have olive skin and thought there might be a problem but he assured me it was fine. My treatment was very successful, but results developed incrementally over time. luckily it was the worst/deepest scars that improved the most.
  2. I had three rounds of TCA cross with Dr Chu, i remember the first time I was shocked how much worse it looked in the hospital mirror. Deeper, wider, 'angrier'. The guy has done this many thousands of times, I'm sure he would've done everything right. Just give it time. @ Tony Leo, definitely go and see Dr Chu before considering excision. He said to me more that once that however skilled the surgeon, it's impossible to know for sure how an excision will heal. So there's always the risk that y
  3. it's not a scam, i had a deep ice pick/box car right on the tip of my nose that was making me super self-conscious. three rounds of TCA cross (100%) and i barely notice it now. if the scar is relatively small in diameter and has sharp, defined edges it will probably help you. make sure you consult with someone who knows what they're doing! it's a long road, but worth it. oh yeah, i am nearly 50, was 47 when i had this done. healing was fine, i just took care to wash gently (so as not to di
  4. Hello, I didn't really have much pigmentation at all. There was one spot that kept rescabbing- i showed it to dr chu who suggested it was a vascular reaction and cauterized it for me. That turned quite red but faded after a couple of months. All in all I'm very happy with the treatment. I've actually got a few new acne scars since- nothing major- and if they don't fade in a month or two I will probably get them crossed.
  5. as I said in my thread, Dr Chu was definitely a good doctor to me. I saw him (privately) at the sainsbury wing of the hammersmith hospital, contact details are here: https://imperialprivatehealthcare.co.uk/consultants-directory/name/anthony-chu/
  6. thanks for your good wishes. really appreciate the information and support i found here.
  7. agreed, but the hard thing is to find a doctor who will give impartial advice, and has your best interests at heart. for example some might recommend excision, but experts have told me that nobody can guarantee a good outcome from excision. to the OP, i'd encourage you to consider the doctor I used, my research here seems to indicate he is one of the very best in Europe.
  8. hi, yes it was private. £200 for first appointment/treatment from memory, and £100 thereafter. all in all i think very reasonable given the costs of lasers etc
  9. Sorry if this is a late reply but I can strongly recommend Dr Chu (see my thread). Not only were the treatments effective but I felt all the way through that he had relatively little interest in making money from me, I truly think his primary goal is to get the best possible result for his patients.
  10. So, after three rounds of TCA Cross 100% i am very happy with my improvements: hard to quantify but around 70%-75% i would guess? the worst icepick type scars are perhaps a little wider but much shallower and have lost their sharp edges. i don't think anyone would consciously register them unless they were actively looking. This treatment definitely works if performed correctly. Having suffered the awful anxiety and loss of self confidence these scars can inflict I'd encourage anyone to do y
  11. Hey, just to say Dr Chu is a wonderful and genuine doctor. Good luck with the visit.
  12. seems like you had an exceptional response to your other TCA Cross treatments. Davin Lim on realself says around 30%-40% improvement is a good result for a single cross. I got around that for my first round (ice pick on nose) and Professor Chu was pleased. got another 30% for second round. I'm currently considering a third, but not sure if i will bother. good that it's working for you anyway! I think beautifulambition is right, we should expect only small incremental gains with these treatment
  13. Very good of you to make this video. There seems to be some improvement on the left cheek, although tbh i think all your scarring is very minor. The ones on the right cheek look to me like they are too shallow to cross. good luck with the continued treatments. oh and btw, hope you don't mind me saying this but you are super pretty.
  14. congratulations on your improvement! TCA Cross has also worked really well for me. I specifically asked professor chu about after care but he just said... nothing. just wash gently as normal. despite this, the first time around around i used vaseline, second time i didn't bother. medical opinion seems to be that you don't need any of this stuff. i think people on these forums love the idea of topicals, but there's also the risk that even touching the scabs could loosen them.
  15. fwiw im in the UK and my derm prescribed treclin , which i believe is known as ziana in the US. before that the best i could find was paula's choice 1% retinol. i didn't use that long enough to know if made any difference though. i don't blame you for being wary of online pharmacies, i haven't used this one but if you read the articles linked onsite i believe it is run by a UK GP and therefore seems safer than the international pharmacies? https://www.doctorfox.co.uk/acne-treatment/