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  1. Try honey, it exfoliates extremely well
  2. and for that guy that drinks tons of water a day, how the hell can your body actually absorb water if you drink so much that you have to go piss it all back out ten minutes later?
  3. well did you ever think that acne is in your genes? dehydrated skin is a true cause of clogged pores and it happened to be my cause, i do not have genetic acne and genetic oily skin, it was all dehydration, if you dont think that dehydration is the cause the why are you posting shit on this topic?
  4. ? look up dehydrated skin on google maybe? just about every link you click on will give you the information i just gave you, i wouldnt write all that stuff to be shittin would i? its how your skin and pores work, and if there is a lack of water then they wont work right. everybody is so freaked out about getting their acne gone as soon as possible and they just keep using all these products that keep drying skin and drawing out moisture. yeah sure that may clear you up for a lil bit but eventual
  5. okay if you think your mild acne is caused by excessive clogged pores, and cant find anyway to get rid of them, the answer is a simple skin condition known as... Dehydrated skin. your pores become clogged because the lack of hydration keeps the pores from functioning properly, if you wash your face with like 97836487632976 different products in hopes to keep it clean, stop, you are doing more harm then good, in fact, you never need to wash your face ever, the only form of cleansing that should b
  6. I want everybody that uses the aspirin mask with success to know that there is a product out there that i found that is basically an aspirin mask with a brand name, its called Bump Patrol and its basically aspirin in a gel form thats specially made for your face, AND, its very cheap too, i got a bottle of it at walmart for 2 dollars. its in the shaving isle, and im tellin you guys this because i used the aspirin mask and it worked, but it was weird and pasty and kinda came fell off in crumbs wh
  7. alright the number one most important thing to do is keep your face hair free by shaving with an electric razor everyday because if you dont do that none of your acne products will work, ever. if you have really bad acne i guess shaving wont do a whole lot, but if you have like oily skin and alot of build up from dead skin that causes whiteheads and blackheads, this will work for you, as long as you keep your face hair free anything that you try will work great, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid,
  8. Colloidal oatmeal, it killed my acne. within like 2 days. i just wash my face at night and put on some Aveeno daily moisturizer ( an assload of it) and within about 30 mins. my face is super clear. no joke. try it. try anything with colloidal oatmeal in it. im dead serious.
  9. I have had mild acne/oily skin for like 3 years,( im 16 now), nothing crazy and bad, just mild, embarrasing, but mild so one time i got pretty sick and I just took a bath cos i didnt feel like taking a shower, my face had never looked better i mean at the end of the day when i was feeling much better i wanted to go and hang out with all my friends at the mall and not even have to think that my face was gross. so the other day when i had a hunch that my acne was caused completely by showers i to
  10. Coffee actually clears me right up when i drink like 2-4 cups a day, id say a week of 2 cups a day of coffee can completely clear my mild acne
  11. i have mild acne and 2 cups a day of coffee was keeping my face clear, but i tried concerta for my adhd and that started to make me sweat alot and make my acne worse, so dont take that lol, but i just started adderall today and im not noticing anything but goodness, im relaxed and i can focus, so since im relaxed, i dont get stressed out and my acne doesnt get worse, so if you really have add/ adhd take adderall, but if you arent sure go a month and try to focus all you can as hard as you can, i