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  1. AcneFree, Who gives you the authority to go around praising water stating it will guarantee to clear you 99%?? Did you know a hormonal imbalance can cause severe cystic acne? Do you honestly think an MD, or anyone with a brain would prescribe them to drink as much water as possible daily to restore their hormones to proper levels? Umm.. No. Drinking lots of water to "help" improve the condition of the skin, is not rocket science, and it's been around since the dawn of the roman empire. Notic
  2. Dan, I just want to let you know, the past week or so I was doing spot treatment with your gel on my chin, within 3 days, the cyst I had pretty well disappeared!! I notice that i'm breaking out around my jawline occasionally, so I've decided to use it on my entire face now, and it feels and looks great Your a life saver Dan, if only there were more people like you, this would be such a great world . I'll definetly keep you posted on how it turns out, but just by the feeling on my face.. I can
  3. Yep!!! That's a water fast! Some people have gone as high as 40 days on a water fast. Mind you, it's really only for people with serious illnesses who need to do a major cleaning of your body. Youngen's need not apply.
  4. Good Advice.. I don't know why were so hard on ourselves, I really doubt I'll ever understand why. I realize we are our worst critic in every way possible. We live in a society, where a "perfect" image is constantly portrayed on TV.. It's so depressing when one minute you think your making great progress then you turn on the Tube, and take a look at all the perfect faces on TV.. (yes, I know alot of it is makeup), but it does have it's effect on ones self-esteem.. *Sigh* I don't know how the
  5. This one is extremely hard to answer.. I'm 21, and have had acne, since I was 18, it's had its ups, and it's down. I've tried so many different products it's crazy like everyone else. I'm "hoping", the older I get, maybe in 4 or 5 years time, I won't have to use any more topicals, but who really knows? My suggestion is if you find something that works, don't worry about if your acne is going to come back or not, just keep on doing what your doing and hope for the best. Cheers
  6. Tanning is awesome, I like to tan a few months prior to summer, because otherwise I have a job where i'm constantly outside, and if I don't tan, i'll start to peel like crazy. BP never effected me at all last year when I tanned, Actually I normally tanned later in the day, so applying BP in the morning, and then tanning sometime in the late afternoon, early evening was the best bet. I did apply tanning oil.. which I think was a mistake i wont' be doing the same this summer, creams are better
  7. So true. I'm trying to eat more salads nowadays, and I SELDOM have milk products, we recently started buying Soy Milk, which I have a cup of, occasionally ever 2nd day or so. I do drink ALOT of Protein Whey, because I workout, which I'm not really sure how much of a negative effect this would have on my acne, but.. it's part of my weight-lifting program, so I'm not about to give up everything I worked so hard to acheive just because i'm getting a few pimples. But I think like you said for mil