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  1. Thanks for the response. Yea, my derm said on phone today they'd never heard of it. There really isn't any early greying in my family either. I think I am going to go off the accutane. Between the hair and my sore feet I think it's a sign that I need to get off. im considering trying no dairy, low amount of gluten intake, and possibly fermented cod lived oil & good probiotic. Anyone else on the hair thing???
  2. I really need to find out some more about this. I can't find much of anything about it online. I'll be talking to my dermatologist tomorrow and I am thinking that I will probably stop taking the drug.
  3. I am currently on my second course of accutane. this week I've noticed 5-10 white or Grey hairs on my head. I have brown/light-brown hair. I cut it buzz generally but am growing it out a bit and noticed these hairs. I have had extremely dry hair this 2nd course- itchy and flaky. I wash infrequently and use coconut oil and conditioners for moisture since finding such dryness. Does anyone have any advice, experience, or input? I am really worried that this has given me grey hair or something. C
  4. lkessler- anything more on this? I have pain on the backs of my feet/heels when I wake up, and here and there throughout the day... nothing crazy but just noticeable. How did yours turn out? What did you do? Does anyone else have anything on this? I am trying to find out whether I need to get off accutane or not. I have dry itchy hair, this foot pain, and dry skin/lips, and dark circles around my eyes. I am a little worried and concerned.. but my derm said that the foot pain and the dark circl