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  1. Glad to hear from you again blooming wasp. Like ham and cheese, he has already undergone tca cross. He healed, according to him, around 70% percent if I remember it correctly. He posted his journey here. -pan
  2. Hello everyone! Anyone else who has tried this procedure / treatment? I am planning to do this as well. Please if you have the same situation like ham and cheese I would be very pleased to know results. Thank you! -pan
  3. Good day Fortune Hills and natural cure. I appreciate very muc that you both wanted to help me. May I ask, where are your scars located? And how long did it take for your scars to heal? My scar is located on my nose. I was thinking if itnwould have the same benefit on my scar location, since I heard that the nose heals differently. please give me updated Fortune hills and natural cure. Iappreciate very much all your repkies.
  4. Hi there buddy! How are your scars now? Pls keep us updated.
  5. Hi tracy. It went back to its original size. Its me, lenlenlen. Still thinking on what treaments to do next.
  6. Bumping in this thread, again. Anyone else wit the same situation? Maybe those who experiencced TCA Cross on their nose scars for more than a month from now?
  7. Which part of your nose had better results with the TCA Cross? The ones on sides or the on in the tip? My scar is located on the side, I sent you a private message with my nose scar pic attached. I really dont want a lot a people to see it and also for my privacy thats why. Do you have some before and after pics? And what would be the intervals of your TCA?
  8. Hi qerf! I used 30% concentration. Hi blooming wasp! Wow its really nice to hear successs stories! Would you mind if I ask, where are your scars located? And you mentioned it has only been 8 days since yu had your TCA cross done. Did the doc mentioned you are going to experience microsweeling? Oh please give us update. I realy wanted to get rid of my scar. Thank you in advance. -pan
  9. Bump. Anyine eith the same situatiins? Its been 14 hours ago since this is posted. Very depressing to know we get very little to almost no help at all.
  10. Bump. Any progress woth your nose scars? Your nose seems fine. I have a lot deeper nose scar. Tried needling and Tca, didnt help.
  11. Good day everyone! I'm back on tack. I used to visit this site, maybe a year ago or 2. I have a nose scar on thel eft side of my nose, upper nostrils. I used to apply TCA cross, would only cause swelling and would eventually go back to its original size. I tried needling it with 0.23mm micro needle, I thought it was healing, but then it again went back to original size. I do not know if I should still continue with needling since I learned that it is very dangerous to do needling on nose.
  12. Are those only bumps or do you also have deep nose scars? Anyone else with deep nose scars with success stories? What about TCA cross and needling? I tried needling them with 0.23mm micro needle. those found at mercury drug stores in the Philippines. thanks -pan