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  1. I only wash my face at night with a very gentle wash and it's still like this /: Which chemical peel?
  2. This is the worst my acne has ever been in my life. If you go to my profile, you will see a year ago I posted a picture and it was NOTHING compared to this. I have super bright red acne now with lots of scarring. Any advice?
  3. jnsbaby

    Help Me :(

    I've had acne for years and I really don't know what to do anymore. It's beyond annoying. I only wash my face at night and in the morning I just splash it with water. Can anybody tell me what kind of acne this looks like and what I should do? It's mostly just around my mouth, my eyebrows, and my forehead.
  4. But do you wear the calamine lotion EVERY night? Isn't that kind of annoying. I did that too but I wanted to see if my face is okay without it and it's not... I don't want to wear it to bed for the rest of my life.
  5. jnsbaby

    going without calamine lotion

    I've been wearing calamine lotion to bed for years and it's made my skin clear. Not perfect but way better than it normally is. But I don't want to wear it to bed for the rest of my life. So I've stopped and it's been a month and my skin is horrible again. What do I do..? Before I stopped using it and after: