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  1. I feel really bad for you cos everything i would have suggested you've more or less tried them. I feel suicidal sometimes but when that happens i get myself out of whatever situation i'm in (usually when i'm on my own/in the house alone) and go do something to take my mind off it, make those thoughts go to the back of my mind. i know they'll pop back up again eventually but for that moment i just have to stay positive. Like i've been on roaccutane for the last 5 months and the first 4 i suffered
  2. Hey! can i ask what an oxygen facial is? are they good?
  3. I can totally relate. I think I lost most of my friends out of embarrassment of my skin too. When i'm in big groups of people i just want to blend in. Its not much of a life at all and i always say i'll try harder to be sociable next time but when i'm in the situation again i just feel the need to get out/away again. I'm hoping once my skin is better i'll be happier and want to be noticed again. I'm at uni at the moment and whats supposed to be the best years of my life, i feel i am wasting them
  4. Hey! when i first started i didn't really notice anything spot wise for at least a week but straight away, like the morning after, my lips were kinda swollen (they looked nice and plump tho so i didnt mind it much hehe). they started to dry straight away too, so if you want some advice, stock up on lip balm and vasoline!
  5. Hey! if i were you i would finish your course of accutane before you have the tattoo, plus i'd ask a dermo whether or not its safe for you to have a tattoo so soon after accutane cos i know mine goes on about how semsitive my skin is now i'm on this drug and it'll be the same til like 6 months after the course has finished. he told me not to wax and stuff cos it could permenantly damage my skin and i think havin a tattoo is much worse on your skin that gettin waxed! so i'd really get some advise
  6. I know! don't you just hate people with perfect skin? they don't even realise it or do much to maintain it. My friend is one of these hippy like people who hardly ever washes and her skin is immaculate. and i just think 'here i am doing my morning AND night cleansing routine to maintain my acne so it doesn't get any worse and she doesn't even have to try to have nice skin! rant over! hehe
  7. Hey. My dermotologist said that your skin will most likely be at its worst for the first month, and you've passed that first hurdle so i think it should be calming down pretty soon. I'm on my fourth month and I'm only just seeing a big difference. Its a very slow ride (to me it feels anyway) but it'll be worth it in the end (thats what i keep tellin myself, i'm still hopeful)
  8. Hey i'm new to this so hope i'm doin it right! hehe. I think it sucks that there are actually people out there that ask questions like that anyway, i mean, how insensitive are they? Its obvious that our skin isn't perfect so whether it was an accident OR skin problems, why would you wanna risk upsettin someone by asking. To be honest i don't think i'd have said anythin cos i'd have been too upset but thats just the way i handle that sort of thing. My boyfriend's nan once asked me what i'd done t