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  1. Pshhhh nvm......
  2. thank you both for the tips ill report back my progress
  3. Ok i am going to pretend this is my first post so i can introduce myself and what not:) So i am 16 years old, i have had mild to moderate acne for the past 6 years. I have tried many products and the one that worked best for me would be the acne free pack. But know i ran out of the stuff and am going to try some new products. I just recently broke out the worst i ever had probably because of the stress of homecoming and going with the prettiest girl in my grade haha. Here is a list of products i
  4. what is the website for the skiart i googled and couldnt find
  5. k thank you. this is gonna be my thread for all issues i have screw making a new one. Ok so i am going to post everything ive been using and if i can get some opinions on how and when or even a dont use that from this community it would be greatly appriciated so the acne pack i have already mentioned and the moisturizer, but whjat i need help on is what to use in the shower, i also have bad body acne on back chest and shoulders. So i use kirkland shampoo with moisturizing marine algae extract, b
  6. another things, how do i get the dead skin off? i remeber right before my homecoming dance my move gave me a face mask and after is was off my face was smooth, does that take off the dead skin?
  7. So i have been using this acne pack from zapzyt, it consists of sa 2% and bp 5% i wash once with the bp at night and twice with the sa one in the afternoon and one at night. My face hasnt gotten better and feace is dry i can see the dead skin. I have never had a problem with bp, i would use 10% and all would be good. The sa is the only thing that ive been using that is new. Any suggestions on what i should do, use? oh and the mosturiver ive been using is called Aveeno ultra-calming daily moistur
  8. i try to copy the regimen by using fresh foaming scrub from neutrogena for the initial clensing of skin, then i skip the acne packs sa products and go right to the 5% bp then i try that moisturizer and i dont think its working haha any ideas should i just screw all these products and order dan's regimen products? do i have to get them from the website?>
  9. ok so i have been using this acne pack from zapzyt,it has sa and bp and ive been using it for a few days. I have never had a problem with bp untill now. My face is completely dry like i can feel the dead skin, and now whenever i try to put the 5%bp on my face burns too the point i need to wash it off. I dont have a good mosturizer i just use keri body lotion mosturizer and it used to work.... i dont know what too do becuz without the bp my face wont get better and now i cant even put mostrizer o
  10. so i have been taking it for weeks now in the morning, acne is not getting better and it made me sick at school because it doesnt allow me too eat anything for an hour prior to using it or after using it.... i am going to continue using it but in the afternoon instead so i can at least have some food in my stomach before taking it, anyone know why it hasnt been working?
  11. So i just bought this new profuct called acne pack, it has 3 different bottles, 2 of which consist of salicylic acid 2% and BP 5% the website for the product is Zapzyt website for Acne Pack and i was just wondering if anyone is using this product and if it is working. Also does anyone have tips on how i should use these products to achieve best results thanks for help